Centre of Excellence

S.No. COE Name Specialization Special Lab Name Equipments
1 BIT-Siemens Centre of Excellence in Electrical Drives and automation Industrial Automation Electrical Integrated Drives Lab (SLB064) PLC - S71200, Drive - G120, S12
2 BIT –OPAL RT Innovation Centre for Rapid prototyping Real-Time Digital Simulation and Hardware-In-the-Loop testing Electrical Integrated Drives Lab (SLB064) OPAL RT Module, Power Amplifier, MATLAB 2022
3 BIT Centre of Excellence in Special Machines and drives Special Machines and their Controllers, Electric Drives Electrical Integrated Drives Lab (SLB064) Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, Linear Motor, BLDC Motor.
4 BIT Centre of Excellence in Cyber-Physical Systems LabVIEW Programming, Embedded real time design and wireless communication Intelligent Communication Embedded Systems Lab (SLB038)
Communication Protocol Lab (SLB009)
1. LabVIEW
2.NI Multisim
3.NI ELVIS III Hardware
4.MyDAQ: Measurements & datalogging
5.MyRIO Embedded Monitoring & Control
6.NI SDR Hardware bundle for RF & Wireless communication system design
7.Emona communication ADD on board for ELVIS III
8.Mechatronics board, Quanser Controls Board
9.Pitsco TETRIX PRIME for NI myRIO and BioInstrumentation Sensor Package
5 BIT Centre of Excellence in Printed Circuit Board PCB Design and Fabrication Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Lab (SLB041) 1. PCB Roller Tinning Machine
2. Hand Held Deburring / Scrubbing with Variable Speed
3. Tank Type Spray Developing Machine
4. Tank Type Spray Etching Machine
5. Manual Screen-Printing Table
6. Single sided UV LED Exposure Machine with Vacuum Rubber blanket and accessories
7. PCB Curing Machine (OVEN)
8. Hot Roll Dry Film Laminator Machine
9. Circular Saw Cutting Machine
10. Manual PCB Drilling Machine
11. Single Spindle CNC Drilling Machine
12. Tank Type Spray DFR Stripping Machine
13. Treadle Operated Manual Shearing Machine
14. Visual Inspection Aids
6 BIT Centre of Excellence in Embedded Systems Microcontroller and Microprocessor Programming Virtual Instrumentation (VI) Lab (SLB055) 1. TM4C123 Launch pad
2. TM4C129 Development Kit
4. STM32 Nucleo-64 development board with STM32F446RE MCU
5. Discovery kit with STM32L4R9AI MCU
6. BeagleBone Black Baord
7. STM32L0 Discovery kit LoRa
8. STM32L4 Discovery kit
10. STM32 Wi-Fi Controller Device
11. Embedded Communication Protocol: RS485, SPI, I2C & UART.
7 BIT Centre of Excellence in ARVR Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Gaming Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (ARVR) Lab (SLB056) 1. HTC VIVE
2. Oculus Quest 2
3. Leap Motion Sensor
4. Graphics Pad
5. Samsung Tab
6. ROG STRIX Gaming Laptop
7. MSI Gaming Laptop
8. HIGH END Meachines
8 BIT Centre of Excellence in Mechatronics Industrial Automation Robotics and Automation Lab (SRA045) 1. Distribution station
2. Buffer station
3. Pick and place station
4. Muscle Press station
5. Distribution station -D
6. Measuring station
7. Handling station
8. Separating station
9. Packing station
10. Storing station
11. Robot station
12. Bottling station
13. Pneumatic trainer
14. CIROS studio software
15. CIROS Education Software
16. Fluidsim Pneumatics/Hydraulics Software
17. Texsonic 6 axis industrial robot
18. Texsonic cobot
19. Siemens S7 1500 Controller
20. Siemens S7 1200 Controller
21. Edukit PA station
9 BIT Centre of Excellence in AI Based Industrial Automation Lab AI & Industrial Automation AI Based Industrial Automation (SLB024) 1. Kuka LBR iiwa 7 R800 Collaborative Robot - Screwing Application (Java and Python Programming)
2. Delta Welding Robot
3. Autonomous Mobile Robot (50kg) Python & C++ Programming
4. Delta SCARA Robot
5. ABB Robot (Python Programming)
6. Delta Spider Robot
7. G-Onesaver System (PLC Programming)
8. ROSbot - Python Programming
9. Servo based Conveyor System
10. Siemens S7 1200 Controller
11. Centralized monitoring and control of swarm mobile robot (ROS & Python Programming)
12. 3-axis Gantry system
13. DAM automation System