MRS PRIYA R | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
  • Professional Experience

    Experience Type Organization Designation Date of Joining To Total Experience
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Assistant Professor Hod Incharge 10.10.2019 28.09.2021  1 Year &  11 Month(s)
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Assistant Professor 28.06.2017 10.10.2019  2 Year(s) &  3 Month(s)
    Industry FINE FAIR EXPORTS INDIA PVT LTD SENIOR DESIGNER 16.01.2008 15.07.2010  2 Year(s) &  6 Month(s)
  • Academic Credentials

    Degree Specialization Institute University Year of Passing
    M F M MASTER OF FASHION MGT NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECH National Institute of Fashion Technology 2012
  • Journal Publications

     1.  Ms.R Priya, Dr.Subrata Das, Ms.N Sanjana, Ms.B Shivani Finishing of textiles with the extract of Senna auriculata (Cassia auriculata) Man Made Textiles in India Volume - 49 No. 5 153 - 157 MAY 2021

     2.  Nandhini SS, Priya R, ShanmugaPriya V, Soundharrajan S Business Strategies for Fashion Industry: Mines and preserves high utility items International Journal of Aquatic Science 12 3 2387 - 2391 SEP 2021

     3.  R.Priya, Subrata Das, R.P Nevetha, S.Ram Balaji Studies on fabric marbling technique for design and development of carried accessories Man Made Textiles in India 49 8 270 - 276 AUG 2021

  • Conference Presentations

    1.  Ms.R Priya, Ms.M Vaishnavi, "Influence of Augmented Reality in Fashion Retail business - A reflection on Consumer Behaviour", International Conference on Multi-disciplinary Sciences, St.Albert's College, Cochin, March 2021

    2.  Ms.Priya.R, Ms.Saranya D.V and Ms.ShanmugaPriya V, "Home Textiles as Lifestyle Products", INDUTECH 2018, Dr.S.Periyasamy, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, August 2018

    3.  R.Priya, "Digital Marketing - UX and UI", National Conference on Digital Marketing: Scope and Opportunities, School of Management studies, BIT, ,

  • Funded Research Projects

    S No. Title Investigator(s) Funding Agency Amount Project Status Sanction Date
    1 Conversion of Perennial Aquatic plants to Exuberant Apparels Dr.K Saravanan

    TBI - BIT 3,05,000 Under approval
  • Areas of Expertise

    S No. Subject Area
    1 Designing
    2 Fashion Illustration
    3 Retail Merchandising
    4 Brand Management
    5 Export Merchandising
    6 Sustainable Crafting
  • Patents

    S No. Title Date Reg. No. Status Level Funding Agency
    1 Slotted Hexagonal shaped UWB Antenna for portable mobile pouch charger using RF energy harvesting SY 01.04.2021 202141015543 Licensed National Level
  • Awards

    S No. Awards
    1 Set a national level record in India Book of Records entitled 'Maximum handcrafted snug bags made using macramé knots'