MR KALIMUTHU M | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
  • Professional Experience

    Experience Type Organization Designation Date of Joining To Total Experience
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Assistant Professor 27.07.2017 28.09.2021  4 Year(s) &  2 Month(s)
  • Academic Credentials

    Degree Specialization Institute University Year of Passing
    B.E Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering ST. JOSEPHS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Anna University, Chennai 2014
    M.Tech Embedded Systems VIT UNIVERSITY VIT University, Vellore 2017
  • Journal Publications

     1.  *S.Arun jayakar , G.M.Tamilselvan, S.Sakthiya Ram , M.Kalimuthu Robust Controller And Industrıal Internet For The Industrıal Nonlinear Level Process IOP Science 1084 - MAR 2021

     2.  R GayathriPriyadarshini, M Kalimuthu, S Nikesh, M Bhuvaneshwari Review of PPG signal using Machine Learning Algorithms for Blood Pressure and Glucose Estimation IOP Materials Science and Engineering 1 - MAR 2021

     3.  Mr.Kalimuthu M, Mrs.Gayathri priyadarshini R, Mr.Nikhil Amala Jerrin J, Mr.Kishore S Machine Learning Based Approach to Identify Neuro-Degenarative Disease using Gait Analysis International Journal of Aquatic Science Volume 12 Issue 3 - Serial Number 3 1705 - 1711 AUG 2021

     4.  M. Kalimuthu, Abraham Sudharson Ponraj, Christy Jackson J Water Management And Metering System For Smart Cities INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC 04 - APR 2020

     5.  M.Kalimuthu, P.Vaishnavi, M.Kishore Crop Prediction using Machine Learning IEEE Xplorer 3 926 - 932 OCT 2020

     6.  T.Rajesh M.Kalimuthu S.Arun Jayakar Dr.G.M.Tamil selvan Wireless Automation of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Process using Labview and Arduino IJERECE 5 1 35 - 38 JAN 2018

     7.  S.Arun Jayakar, M. Kalimuthu, S. Sakthiya Ram, G. M. Tamilselvan Implementation of Industrial Internet of Things based Industrial Tank Level Control Process IJRTE 7 4S 438 - 443 NOV 2018

     8.  T.Rajesh, S.Arun jayakar, M.Kalimuthu, G. M.Tamilselvan Robust Controller Design for Fixed field-DC Motor Speed Control International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) 7 4s 462 - 465 NOV 2018

     9.  M.Kalimuthu N. Koti Veera Prakash Abharam Sudharson Ponraj IoT based virtual classroom IJRITCC 4 6 46 - 49 JUN 2016

  • Conference Presentations

    1.  Gayathri Priyadarshini. R, Kalimuthu. M , Nikesh. S , Bhuvaneshwari. M, "Review of PPG Signal Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Blood Pressure and Glucose Estimation", First International Conference on Circuits, Signals, Systems and Securities ICCSSS 2020, Department of ECE, EIE , BIT , December 2020

    2.  Arun Jayakar S, Tamilselan G.M, Sakthiyaram S, Kalimuthu M, "Robust Controller and Industrial Internet for Industrial Nonlinear Level Process", First International Conference on Circuits, Signals, Systems and Securities ICCSSS 2020, , BIT Sathy, December 2020

    3.  Mr.Kalimuthu M, Mrs.Gayathri priyadarshini R, Mr.Nikhil Amala Jerrin J, Mr.Kishore S, "Machine Learning based Approach to Identify Neuro Degenerativing disease using Gait Analysis", International Conference on Artificial Intelligence , Depatment of CSE, ISE, CSBS and CT, BIT Sathy, BIT , October 2020

    4.  M.Kalimuthu, P.Vaishnavi, M.Kishore, "Crop Prediction using Machine Learning", IEEE - 3rd International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT 2020), , , August 2020

    5.  Kalimuthu.M, Rasswanth, Raviprasath, Selvakumar, "SURVEY ON NANOTECHNOLOGY IN INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING", 10th National Conference on Industrial Technologies (NCIT'2020), , , February 2020

    6.  M.Kalimuthu, "Wireless self serving fuel system using RFID and GSM", International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials, , , December 2019

    7.  S.Arun jayakar, M.Kalimuthu, G.M.Tamilselvan, S.Sakthiya Ram, "Robust Controller And Industrial Internet Of Things Implementation For Industrial Tank Level Control Process", International Conference on Recent Trends in Science and Management, Bharat University, Chennai, November 2018

    8.  Rajesh T Kalimuthu M Arun jayakar S Tamilselvan G M, "wireless automation of continuous stirred tank reactor process using labview and arduino", 6th world conference on applied science engineering and technology, IFERP, GOA, January 2018

    9.  M.Kalimuthu, Abraham Sudharson Ponraj, "Water Management System for Smart Cities", NCSET 2017, , VIT University, Chennai, May 2017

  • Areas of Expertise

    S No. Subject Area
    1 Embedded Systems
    2 Wireless Automation
    3 Internet of Things
  • Invited Guest Lectures Delivered

    S No. Topic Program Venue Date
    1 Embedded System and its Applications Webinar SNS College of Technology 19.06.2020
  • Patents

    S No. Title Date Reg. No. Status Level Funding Agency
    1 V-ZYME PREPARATION KIT 06.05.2019 E-2/1476/2019-CHE In Progress National Level
    2 Vehicle Weighing Pads 12.04.2019 201941014845 In Progress National Level
    4 SMART GOGGLES FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED PEOPLE 14.12.2020 202041054234 In Progress National Level