MR PRABHU V | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
  • Professional Experience

    Experience Type Organization Designation Date of Joining To Total Experience
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Assistant Professor 16.05.2019 28.09.2021  2 Year(s) &  4 Month(s)
    Engineering M KUMARASAMY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 13.06.2016 14.05.2019  2 Year(s) &  11 Month(s)
    Industry Greenstar Fertilizers Ltd Assistant Manager 01.06.2011 07.07.2014  3 Year(s) &  1 Month
  • Academic Credentials

    Degree Specialization Institute University Year of Passing
  • Journal Publications

     1.  R. Velnath, V. Prabhu and S. Krishnakumar Analysis of EEG Signal for the Estimation of Concentration Level of Humans 1 - MAR 2021

     2.  V. Prabhu, R. Velnath, S. Krishnakumar, M. R. Prathap Linear Sliding Stem Control Valve Hunting Analysis and Extrapolation of Valve Monitoring Features International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering 4 - FEB 2020

     3.  Prabhu V, Vairavel K S, Velnath R Leakage Detection in High Pressure Vessels using Non Invasive Method IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1059 01 - FEB 2020

     4.  Prabhu V Modelling of Adaptive Speed Control and Auto Calibration of Sensor in Automotive System International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 118 8 451 - 457 JUN 2018

     5.  Prabhu V Solar Based Electronic Voting System Linked with Aadhar using RFID for Safe and Secure Voting International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 119 15 3307 - 3308 NOV 2018

     6.  TS Srinivasan, J Uma, V Prabhu Signal Integrity Analysis in PCB for High Speed Digital Circuit Design International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 119 15 3321 - 3328 OCT 2018

     7.  Prabhu V Pneumatic Conveying System Control using Real Time Operating System Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 8 8 28 - 32 DEC 2016

  • Conference Presentations

    1.  Prabhu V, Vairavel K S, Velnath R, "NON INVASIVE METHOD OF LEAKAGE DETECTION USING ACTIVE THERMOGRAPHY", International Virtual Conference on Applied Science, Technology Management and Language Studies, , , December 2020

    2.  V.Prabhu,R.Velnath,K.S.Vairavel, "Corrosion Detection of Orifice Plate in Flow Rate Measurement using Heat Transfer Mechanism", International Conference on Circuits, Signals, Systems and Securities 2020 (ICCSSS-2020), , Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, December 2020

    3.  Prabhu V, Vairavel K S, Selvaraj S P, Velnath R, "Leakage Detection in High Pressure Vessels using Non-Invasive Method", International Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Machining for Industry 4.0 (ICMMM 2.0), , Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, October 2020

    4.  V.Prabhu, M.R.Prathap, R.Velnath, "Radiofrequency Detection in Wearable Medical Devices", Recent Trends and Challenges in Healthcare Informatics 2019, , Kongu Engineering College, Erode, December 2019

    5.  Prabhu V, "Performance Analysis of Continuous Beltweigher in Labview", ICEICE 2017, M Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur, April 2017

  • Areas of Expertise

    S No. Subject Area
    1 Industrial Instrumentation
    2 Distributed Control System
    3 Embedded System
  • Patents

    S No. Title Date Reg. No. Status Level Funding Agency
    1 Corrosion Detection of an Orifice Plate used in Flow rate Measurement using Heat Transfer Mechanism 21.11.2019 201941047548 In Progress National Level