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dr mahudeswaran a

  • Professional Experience

    Experience Type Organization Designation Date of Joining To Total Experience
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Assistant Professor Level II 01.07.2018 28.09.2021  3 Year(s) &  2 Month(s)
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Assistant Professor 01.01.2011 01.07.2018  7 Year(s) &  6 Month(s)
    Engineering BIT-Sathy Lecturer 05.12.2009 01.01.2011  1 Year &  0 Month(s)
  • Academic Credentials

    Degree Specialization Institute University Year of Passing
    B.Sc Physics Chikkaiah Naicker College Bharathiar University,Coimbatore 2006
    M.Sc Physics Chikkaiah Naicker College Bharathiar University,Coimbatore 2008
    M.Phil Physics Sri Ramakrishna mission Vidhyalaya College of Arts and Science Coimbatore Bharathiar University,Coimbatore 2010
    Ph.D Conducting Polymers Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Anna University, Chennai 2018
  • Journal Publications

     1.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand A study on silver nanoparticles embedded DBSA doped nanostructured poly(anilineco-2-bromoaniline) Materials today proceedings 1 - JUN 2021

     2.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, J.Chandrasekaran New nanostructured poly(m-toluidine-co-2-ethylaniline) copolymer doped with hydrochloric acid : Preparation and properties Materials today proceedings 45 2 3409 - 3412 FEB 2021

     3.  P.S.Vijayanand, A. Jeeva, A.Mahudeswaran, Suzuki Seiichi, Kojima Toshinari A facile synthesis of DBSA doped poly(aniline-co-3-bromoaniline) nanostructured copolymer :its electroactive properties Research Journal of Cehmistry 25 4 166 - 172 APR 2021

     4.  Mahudeswaran A., Vivekanandan J. and Vijayanand P.S. Synthesis and characterization of surfactant aided copolymerization of aniline and 3-aminobenzoic acid with silver nanoparticle dispersion Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 24 4 31 - 35 APR 2020

     5.  A Mahudeswaran, A Jeeva, J Chandrasekaran, PS Vijayanand structural and electrical properties of new core-shell silver poly (m-toluidine-co-2-bromoaniline) nanocomposites Materials Science - Poland 4 37 526 - 534 DEC 2019

     6.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, J Chandrasekaran Investigations of new nanostructured poly (m-toluidine-co-3-aminobenzoic acid) copolymer in presence of DBSA surfactant molecule by In situ polymerization International Journal of recent technology and Engineering 7 4S 29 - 33 NOV 2018

     7.  P.S.Vijayanand, J.Vivekanandan, A.Mahudeswaran, K.S.Usha Facile Preparation And Investigation Of New Electroactive Poly (Aniline-Co-M- Chloroaniline) Nanocomposites International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology 8 2C2 77 - 81 DEC 2018

     8.  A Mahudeswaran, J Vivekanandan, PS Vijayanand, T Kojima, S Kato A facile synthesis of poly (aniline-co-o-bromoaniline) copolymer: Characterization and application as semiconducting material International Journal of Modern Physics B 30 5 1650008 - 1650008 FEB 2016

     9.  A Mahudeswaran, J Vivekanandan, A Jeeva, J Chandrasekaran, PS Vijayanand Synthesis, characterization, optical and electrical properties of nanostructured poly (aniline-co-o-bromoaniline) prepared by in-situ polymerization method Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 127 8 3984 - 3988 APR 2016

     10.  Pachanoor Subbaian Vijayanand, Arunachalam Mahudeswaran, Janakiraman Vivekanandan, Sangamesh G Kumbar Efficient Synthesis of Nanostructured Poly (aniline-co-m-aminobenzoic acid) Copolymer in Presence of DBSA Surfactant Tenside Surfactants Detergents 52 3 230 - 235 MAY 2015

     11.  Arunachalam Mahudeswaran, Devarajan Manoharan, Joseph Chandrasekaran, Janakiraman Vivekanandan, Pachanoor Subbaian Vijayanand CSA Doped Poly (aniline-co-o-toluidine) and Dispersed Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles: a Promising Material for Photovoltaics Materials Research 18 3 482 - 488 JUN 2015

     12.  A Mahudeswaran, J Vivekanandan, PS Vijayanand, Chemical Oxidative Polymerization of Aniline with o-Ethyl Aniline: Their Molecular Structure, Morphology and Conducting Properties Asian Journal of Chemistry 27 12 4501 - 4504 DEC 2015

     13.  Ravi Kumar, G, Vivekanandan, J, Mahudeswaran, A, Vijayanand, P,S Synthesis and characterization of novel poly (aniline-co-m-aminoacetophenone) copolymer nanocomposites using dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid as a soft template Iranian Polymer Journal 22 12 923 - 929 DEC 2013

  • Conference Presentations

    1.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Nanostructure silver particle reinforced conducting copolymer composites: Poly(m-toluidine-co-3-aminobenzoic acid)", National Conference on Comprehensive Advances on Biomaterials, Bioenergy, Biopharmaceutical and Food Biotechnology - CABBBF-202, Department of Biotechnology, BIT, BIT, March 2021

    2.  Aswath Vishnu, Praveen Raj, A.Mahudeswaran, "Application of DBSA doped poly(aniline-co-o-bromoaniline) copolymer in solar cells for sustainable development", National symposium Emerging innovations for Atmanirbhar Bharat, NSS BIT, BIT, October 2020

    3.  Praveen Raj, Aswath Vishnu, A.Mahudeswaran, "Synthesis and characterization of poly(aniline-co-o-bromoaniline) copolymer: A promising material for optoelectronics", National symposium Emerging innovations for Atmanirbhar Bharat, NSS BIT, BIT, October 2020

    4.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis of new nanostructured DBSA doped poly (m-tol-co-2-EA) copolymer and its optical and electrical properties", International virtual conference on advanced materials for sustainable development, Department of chemistry, BIT, BIT, August 2020

    5.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandna, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis and characterization of DBSA doped new nanostructured poly (m-toluidine-co-2-ethylaniline) copolyme", National Conference on Recent Trends in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, SRMV college of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, February 2020

    6.  A.Mahudeswara, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis and characterization of silver dispersed poly(m-toluidine-co-3-aminobenzoic acid) copolymer", National Conference on Recent Trendsin Chemistry of materials NCRTCM - 2019, Department of Chemistry , BIT, BIT, October 2019

    7.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Surfactant aided synthesis of novel poly(m-toluidine-co-o-bromoaniline) copolymer for optoelectronic applications", International Conference on Advanced Materials for Energy and Environment Applications, Department of Physics, Government Arts College, Dharmapuri, August 2019

    8.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.Subhapriya, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured poly(m-toluidine-co-2-bromoaniline) copolymer using in-situ polymerization", National conference on Nano-biotechnology, applications, recent developments future prospects andc ahllenges 2019, Department of Biotechnologhy, Bit, March 2019

    9.  J. Vivekanandan, A. Mahudeswaran , K.S. Usha , P.S.Vijayanand , "Conducting properties of new Poly (m-toluidine-co-4-fluoroaniline) nanocomposites with silver nanoparticles ", One Day National Seminar on Prospects in Material Science (NSPMS2019) , Vellalar College for Women, Erode, Department of Physics, February 2019

    10.  A. Mahudeswaran, J Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Investigations on the silver nanoparticles dispersed poly(aniline-co-2-ethylaniline) copolymer as electroactive materials.", NCLCN 2018, LCRL lab, BIT, August 2018

    11.  A.Mahudeswaran, S.Ashokan, J. Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis of new nanostructured electroactive poly(m-toluidine-co-2-ethylaniline) using soft template polymerization method", NCCEA 2018, Department of Chemistry, BIT, March 2018

    12.  A. Jeeva, S. Ashokan, A. Mahudeswara and P. S. Vijayanand, "Synthesis, characterization and electroactive properties of silver dispersed nanostructured poly (aniline-co-3-bromoaniline) copolymers ", National Conference on Recent Trends in Chemistry (RTC-2018), Department of Chemistry, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Coimbatore, TN, India, February 2018

    13.  A.Mahudeswaran, J. Vivekanandan, A Jeeva, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis and characterization of silver dispersed poly (m-toluidine-co-2-ethyl aniline) copolymer nanocomposites as electroactive material", International Conference on Advanced Materials for Technological Applications (ICAM-18) , Department of Physics and Chemistry, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore.PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore., January 2018

    14.  J.Vivekanandan, A.Mahudeswaran , P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis, morphology and conducting properties of new nanostructured Poly (m-toluidine-co-4-fluoroaniline) nanocomposites dispersed with silver nanoparticles", International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Technology (ICAMST-2017) , Department of Physics, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam, Erode, Tamil Nau, India, August 2017

    15.  A.Mahudeswaran, J. Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand P.Subhapriya, R. Jayaprakasam, , "Synthesis and Characterization of New Nanostructured Copolymers Composites: Silver dispersed poly (m-toluidine-co-3-aminobenzoic acid) copolymer", International Conference on Frontiers at the Chemistry-Allied Sciences Interface, Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur., July 2017

    16.  A.Mahudeswaran, Vijayanand P.S, R. Jayaprakasam, J.Chandrasekaran, "Synthesis and characterization of silver dispersed and DBSA doped Poly(m-toluidine- co-2- bromoaniline) copolymer", International Conference on Energy, Environment and Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Future (ICEEAMSF-2017) , Department of Physics and Chemistry, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode, May 2017

    17.  4. Mahudeswaran, A, Jayaprakasam R, Chandrasekaran, J,Vijayanand, P.S, "Synthesis and characterizations of novel poly (m-toluidine-co-2-ethyl aniline) copolymer: their electrical properties", International Conference on Advances in Functional Materials-ICAFM2017, Department of Medical Physics, anna university , Anna University Chennai., January 2017

    18.  Mahudeswaran A, Vivekanandan J , Chandrasekaran J. Vijayanand P.S, "Synthesis and characterization of silver dispersed and DBSA doped poly(An-co-3-ABA) copolymer composites", International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environment , Department of Physics, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore., December 2016

    19.  Mahudeswaran, A, Vivekanandan, J, Arun Prasath, R, Kojima, Vijayanand PS, "Effect of dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid in poly (aniline-co-o- bromoaniline) copolymer: morphology and conducting properties", International Conference on Nanotechnology, Department of Nanoscience and Technology, K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology, December 2015

    20.  J.Vivekanandan, A.Mahudeswaran, R.Jayaprakasam, P.S.Vijayanand, "Nanostructures of poly(aniline -co -m -chloroaniline ) Doped Silver Nanoparticles", International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology(NANO -2015), KSR College of Technology, Tiruchencode, KSR College of Technology, Tiruchencode, December 2015

    21.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis, Characterization and conducting properties of new poly (Aniline -Co-2- Ethylaniline) Copolymers", Fourth national conference on Advanced Functional Materials and Applications(NCAFMA-2015), Department of Chemistry , Kalasalingam University, VIRUDHUNAGAR, April 2015

    22.  Mahudeswaran, A, Vivekanandan, J, Vijayanand, PS, Kojima, T , "A facile synthesis of new poly (aniline-co-o-bromoaniline) copolymer, characterization and application as conducting materials", International Conference on Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control , Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT, Tiruchirapalli, September 2014

    23.  A.Mahudeswaran, J.Vivekanandan, Sangamesh G.Kumbar, P.S.Vijayanand, "Synthesis, Characterization of novel nanostructured copolymer Poly (aniline -co-m-aminobenzoic acid) and its conducting property", National Conference on Advances in next Generation Materials(NxGn-M), CARE Group of Institutions, Trichy, November 2013

    24.  Mahudeswaran, A, Manoharan, D, Pongali Sathya Prabu, N, Bharathi, P , J. Chandrasekaran, "CSA doped copolymer blend with ZnO nanoparticles thin film for optoelectronic devices", International Conference on Advancement of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Department of Nanoscience , Alagappa University, Karaikudi., March 2010

  • Patents

    S No. Title Date Reg. No. Status Level Funding Agency
    1 Synthesis of new nanostructured polyaniline based copolymer composites( Hybrid materials) as electroactive mateirals 27.09.2018 70115 In Progress National Level BIT
    2 Fabrication of humidity sensor based on novel conjugated copolymer 13.01.2020 202041001479 In Progress National Level Self
    3 Synthesis, morphological studies of new electroactive copolymer (aniline-co-o-bromo aniline)and its applications as schottky diode. 22.01.2021 202141003039 In Progress National Level Self
  • Awards

    S No. Awards
    1 BIT-NSS Best Blood Donation Campaign Award 2019