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PhD's Awarded

S No Name of the PhD scholar Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration Year of award of PhD
1 Dr.P. SUBHAPRIYA CHEMISTRY Dr P S VIJAYANAND Experimental and theoretical stuides of novel hydrogen bonded thermotropic liquid crystals formed by alkoxy benzoic acids and dicarboxylic acids 2009 2014
2 Dr.V.SENTHILKUMAR CIVIL Dr.T.PALANICHAMY Experimental Studies on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Cement Mortar Embedded With Bacterial Species 2009 2014
3 Dr. B GOMATHY CSE Dr A SHANMUGAM Investigations on Risk Identification for Disease Prediction based on Association Rules 2010 2014
4 Dr. M GUNASEKARAN IT Dr. K. PREMALATHA Performance Analysis of Privacy Preserving Anonymous Routing Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc and Mobile IP Network 2010 2014
5 Dr.G.PRAKASH CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Wireless Communication Wide Band Code Division 2006 2014
6 Dr.T.ABIRAMI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Pattern Improvement in Association Rule Mining using Soft Computing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks 2009 2014
7 Dr.N.T.RENUKADEVI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Improvements in Support Vector Machine Kernel using Hybrid Evolutionary algorithms for Medical Image Classification 2009 2014
8 Dr. SENTHIL PRAKASH CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigations on Index Support for Frequent Item Set Mining in Relational DBMS. 2009 2014
9 Dr.RENUKA CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Reliable Data Security Algorithms for Mobile AD HOC Network 2010 2014
10 Dr.C.MEENAKSHI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Implementation of Self Learning Strategies for Word Sense Identification through Relation Construction 2009 2014
11 Dr.P.UMARANI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigation in Multicast Routing using Metaheuristic Optimization Technique for Improved Quality of Service. 2011 2014
12 Dr.M.BALASUBRAMANI ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of Hybrid Classifiers (HMM, Neural Networks, Extreme Learning Machines)and FPGA Implementation of WNN for Classification of Epilepsy risk Levels from EEG Signals 2011 2014
13 Dr. JANNEFER S RAJ ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation On Localized Connectivity Architectures For Improved Quality Of Service In Wireless Personal Networks 2011 2014
14 Dr. PONGALISATHYAPRABU CHEMISTRY Dr.LAKSHMINARAYANAMMOHAN Physicochemical investigations in self-assembled hydrogen bonded liquid crystals 2011 2014
15 Dr.B GOPALAKRISHNAN IT Dr. A. SHANMUGAM Certain Investigations on Performance analysis of group key management schemes for secure group communication in mobile adhoc networks 2007 2014
16 Dr.C POONGODI IT Dr. A. SHANMUGAM Certain Investigators on Design and performance analysis of advanced antenna with different array configuration 2009 2014
17 Dr. R VINOTHKANNA IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Fingerprint Recognition using Fuzzy logic and multimodal biometrics 2009 2014
18 Dr. G KOMARSAMY IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Certain Investigations on Data Clustering using hybrid Algorithms for unlabeled data sets 2009 2014
19 Dr.R PRAVEENA CHEMISTY Dr SADASIVAM K Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on the Antioxidant Behavior of Polyphenolics from Plants of Western Ghats and its Dyeing Properties 2011 2014
20 Dr.B KALPANASAI SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.P.SURESHKUMAR Astudy on antecedents of E-Learning adoption of B-School students in Deemed universities of Tamiladu 2010 2014
21 Dr.S PRASSANA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.P.SURESHKUMAR A study on entrepreneurial succession planning among family business in Coimbatore District 2010 2014
22 Dr.B SUNDARESALINGAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK Astudy on customer Retention strategy in public sector banks with reference to Erode District. 2009 2014
23 Dr.A SASIREKHA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK Comparative study on overall performance of select public sector undertakings in Tamilnadu 2008 2014
24 Dr.M UMA SANKAR SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK Astudy on role of human resource practices on organisational ad employee performance in commercial banks of Tamilnadu 2009 2014
25 Dr.S PRABHADEVI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Secure Data Communication in Vehicular AD HOC Networks 2009 2014
26 Dr.M PUSHPAVALLI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Certain Investigations on quality of service in manets using admission control protocols 2009 2014
27 Dr.M KRISHNAMOORTHI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Certain Investigation on Clustering using Bio-Inspired Optimization and Partitional Clustering Algorithms 2009 2014
28 Dr.K SANGEETHA CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Mobile Agent based clustered routing with enchanced QoS for Mobile Ad-HoC Networks 2009 2014
29 Dr.R SUBASRI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Random Projection Neural Aided Active Controller for Seismically Excited Non-Linear Hysteretic Base Isolation Buildings 2009 2014
30 Dr.DHANABALAN S MECHANICAL Dr.SIVAKUMAR K Multi objective optimization of EDM Process parameters on machining of Superalloys with multiple quality Characteristics 2010 2014
31 Dr. TAMILSELVI BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K.P. KANNAN Pharmacognosy, phtochemistry pharmacology and in silico studies of authentic substitutes and market samples of Daruharidra 2009 2015
32 Dr.GOPINATHAN M J BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Experimental investigations on multi bay multi storey frames with precast members subjected to cyclic loading 2009 2015
33 Dr.VELAYUTHAM, M BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Influence of stiffness degradation and sequence of construction in seismic performance evaluation of lateral load resisting systems 2009 2015
34 Dr. V VIJAYKUMAR BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Studies on synthesis and evaluation of polymer drug carrier and correlation polymer structure with drug release efficency 2009 2015
35 Dr. NEELAKANTAN SURESH BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. ARUNAVA DAS Molecular characterization of phosphatases from Aspergillus fumigatus 2009 2015
36 Dr. SREELAKSHMI BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K.P. KANNAN Microbial enzyme assisted processing of cotton fabrics-A sustainable approach 2011 2015
37 Dr. JHANSI LAKSHMI BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K.P. KANNAN Fungal mediated biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles and their potential in anticancer drug delivery 2011 2015
38 Dr.NARESHKUMAR M BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr.R.RAVIKUMAR Development of Novel and Intensified Metabolic Biorefinery Technology using Wood Decaying Fungi for Sustainable Production of Ethanol and Value Added Products 2011 2015
39 Dr.J.VIVEKANANDAN CHEMISTRY Dr P S VIJAYANAND Studies on theco-polymerization of aniline and m-toludine monomers witb novel substituted aniline and their nanocmoposites 2010 2015
40 Dr.S.RAMAKRISHNAN CIVIL Dr.N.ARUNACHALAM Behaviour and Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams Partly Curved in Elevation 2009 2015
41 Dr.M.ARUN CIVIL Dr.N.ARUNACHALAM Behaviour and strength of Reinforced Concrete Hollow beams 2009 2015
42 Dr. PAARIVALLAL RA CSE Dr. B NAGARAJAN Certain Investigations on Building Object Locality Detection using Satellite Images 2008 2015
43 Dr. S LOGESWARI CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain Investigation on Ontology Based Indexing for Medical Document Clustering 2010 2015
44 Dr. C GUNAVATHI CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Heuristic Optimization for Feature Selection in Microarray Gene Expression Data for Cancer Classification 2010 2015
45 Dr. S KANNIMUTHU CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain investigations on Utility Mining Algorithms for Extracting High Utility Item Sets with Negative Item Values. 2007 2015
46 Dr.K.SAKTHI SUDHAN CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigations On Wearable Microstrii' Patch Antenna Designs For Enhanced Performance Of Breast Cancer Diagnosis System 2011 2015
47 Dr.T VIJAYAKUMAR ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of Non Linear Models, PSO and Neural Networks for Classification of Epilepsy risk Levels from Wavelet Based Extracted Features of EEG Signals 2010 2015
48 Dr.B VINOTH KUMAR ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Segmentation Techniques, LPG-PCA Based De noising and De blurring Methods and Performance Analysis of Classifiers for Classification of Abnormal Regions in Medical Images 2012 2015
49 Dr.S N SHIVAPPRIYA ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Certain Investigation on Performance Analysis of Statistical and Evolutionary Feature Selection with Neural Network for Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia, From Wavelet Based Extracted Features of ECG Signals 2011 2015
50 Dr.M KALAMANI ECE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Spectral Subtraction With Noise Estimation For Speech Enhancementand Hybrid Models For Continuous Tamil Speech Recognition 2011 2015
51 Dr. C KAVITHA CHEMISTRY Dr.LAKSHMINARAYANAMMOHAN Design and synthesis of hydrogen bonded liquid crystals derived from alkyl and alkyloxy carboxylic acid dimers 2011 2015
52 Dr.V R BALAJI ECE Dr.P.SAMPATH An nvestigation on pitch synchronous based speech enhancement using certain transformations and filtering techniques 2008 2015
53 Dr. ARAVINDAN EEE Dr.BHARANI KUMAR R Analysis of Quasi- Z- source converter for Low speed direct driven wind energy conversion systems 2007 2015
54 Dr.S R SUGUNA SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain investigation on webpage reconendation technique using web usage mining and patent mining algorithm 2011 2015
55 Dr.M BHARANI FASHION TECHNOLOGY Dr.R.V.MAHENDrA GOWDA Certain investigation in Engineering and characterisation of High performance protective textiles 2009 2015
56 Dr.R ARULMURUGAN IT Dr.P. SENGOTTUVELAN Classification and Matching based object recognition in digital images using Wavelet Neural Network 2011 2015
57 Dr. M DURAIPANDIAN IT Dr. C. PALANISAMY Analysis of denial of service prevention mechanisms for improved quality of service in wireless network 2011 2015
58 Dr.S R MUGUNTHAN IT Dr. C. PALANISAMY Performance analysis of Localized Interoperability handoff architectures in wireless networks 2011 2015
59 Dr. P SAMPATH IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Web Mining Using association rule with weighted association, systolic tree and boosting Bragging model 2008 2015
60 Dr.P MUKILAN IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Object detection and tracking using particle Swarm optimization and its variants 2009 2015
61 Dr. S AYYAPPAN MECHANICAL Dr SIVAKUMAR K Experimental investigation on enhancement of material removal rate in elecrochemical machining of 20mncr5 alloy steel 2010 2015
62 Dr.VENKATAPATHY K MECHATRONICS Dr K P ARULSHRI Certain investigations on machining process parameters on turning of titanium material 2010 2015
63 Dr.MAHENA BOOPATHI M MECHATRONICS Dr K P ARULSHRI Investigations on mechanical tribological and machining behaviour of hybrid metal matrix composites 2010 2015
64 Dr.V DEEPA CHEMISTY Dr SADASIVAM K Investigations of Phytochemicals, Density Functional Theory and Dyeing Applications of Polyphenolics from Secondary Metabolites 2013 2015
65 Dr.D DAVID WINSTERPRAVEEN RAJ SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK A study on the influence of shopper marketing efforts on purchase decisions of white goods 2007 2015
66 Dr.K SENTHILRAJA BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. D. SARAVANAN Single Stage Conversion of Multi-step Cotton Fabric Preparation and Finishing by Microbial Enzymes 2008 2015
67 Dr.V EVELYN BRINDHA CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Enhanced unimodal and multimodal biometric recognition and template security using fuzzy vault 2009 2015
68 Dr.V. VIJAYAKUMAR BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr.SUBRAMANIAN K Studies on synthesis and evaluation of polymer drug carriers and correlation of polymer structure with drug release efficacy 2010 2015
69 Dr.ANANDHA MOORTHY A AUTOMOBILE Dr.N.NATARAJAN Studies on Tribological properties of Hybrid Aluminium matrix composites Reinforced with fly - ash and solid Lubricants 2012 2016
70 Dr. BALAKRISHNARAJA BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. P. RAMALINGAM Investiagtions on indigenous yeast isolated for the fermentative production of xylitol 2010 2016
71 Dr. V DHANAPAL BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Studies on synthesis and evaluation of super absorbent polymers and modified natural polymer hydrogel for agriculture and effluent treatment applications 2009 2016
72 Dr.R.GOMATHI CSE Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain investigations on SPARQL query optimization using nature inspired algorithms 2011 2016
73 Dr. N B MAHESH KUMAR CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain Investigations on Transform Based Techniques in Palmprint and Finger Knuckle-Print Biometrics For Personal Authentication 2009 2016
74 Dr. M PANDI CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Heuristic Optimization for GENE based clustering in micorarray GENE expression data. 2010 2016
75 Dr.K.GEETHA CSE Dr P THANGARAJ An Improved Associativity Based Routing Using Game Theory And Fuzzy Techniques For Enhanced Quality Of Service In Malicious Networks 2011 2016
76 Dr.A.KAMALESWARI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ An Efficient Approach to Optimize Data Transmission in the Cloud Computing using Aggregation and Priority Scheduling 2012 2016
77 Dr.R.S.MOHANA CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Machine Learning Approaches For Improving Sla Based Admission Control And Resource Allocation In Cloud Computing 2010 2016
78 Dr.M SAVITHA DEVI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Adaptive Layered Approaches for Intrusion Mitigation System in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2010 2016
79 Dr.PMANIMEKALAI ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Certain Investigations on Fuzzy Controlled Energy Management of Standalone Photovoltaic- Diesel Hybrid Power Generation System with Battery Storage for Rural Home 2010 2016
80 Dr.K KANDASAMY EEE Dr.BHARANI KUMAR R Wind and solar energy conversion systems 2009 2016
81 Dr.UMA EEE Dr.A.JEEVANANDHAM Investigations on Artificial Intelligence for hybrid converters 2013 2016
82 Dr.K CHITRA EEE Dr.A.JEEVANANDHAM Design and Realization of Maximum Boost Switched Inductor Z-Source Inverter for Three-phase On-Line UPS 2013 2016
83 Dr.GOMATHI R INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain investigation on SPARQL query optimisation using nature inspired algorithm 2011 2016
84 Dr.A SELVAKUMAR FASHION TECHNOLOGY Dr.R. PERUMALRAJ preparation and characterisation of MWCNT based metal matrix composite for textile machinery 2009 2016
85 Dr.R LOKESHKUMAR IT Dr.P. SENGOTTUVELAN Certain Investigations on Web Personalization in E-commerce 2011 2016
86 Dr.S SUNDARAMURTHI IT Dr.AMITABH WAHI Certain Investigators on Classification of Outdoor natural scenes by fractals and ANN 2007 2016
87 Dr. T KUMARESAN IT Dr. C. PALANISAMY Certain investigation onoptimization techniques to enhance E-mail spam classification 2010 2016
88 Dr.R ATHILAKSHMI IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Invariant Feature based object recognition using artificilal neural networks 2008 2016
89 Dr. M SIVAKUMAR MECHANICAL Dr SIVAKUMAR K Experimental analysis and parametric optimisation of powder mixed wire electrical discharge machining on carbon steels 2009 2016
90 Dr. E PRAKASH MECHANICAL Dr SIVAKUMAR K Experimental investigation of ball bearing vibration under wet lubrication 2009 2016
91 Dr. JEYARAJ S MECHATRONICS Dr K P ARULSHRI Experimental investigations modeling and optimization of electrodeposited ni Al2O3 ni AlNi slag powder composite coatings 2011 2016
92 Dr. GOPINATHAN T MECHATRONICS Dr K P ARULSHRI An experimental study on the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine by employing bio fuel and coating of thermal insulation particles 2011 2016
93 Dr.E THOLKAPPIYAN TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Dr. D. SARAVANAN Development of Acoustical Absorpitive Biocomposites and their Characteristics. 2010 2016
94 Dr.P JAGAJANANTHA TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Dr. D. SARAVANAN Non-metameric Colour Matching in Textiles 2009 2016
95 Dr.R BALAMURUGAN CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Heuristic Optimization for Biclustering Microarray Gene Expression Data 2013 2016
96 Dr.P.M.GOMATHI CSE Dr.B.NAGRAJAN Applications of Artificial and Neural Networks Fuzzy approaches for the Detection of Dyslexia 2010 2016
97 Dr.K.PRAKASH CSE Dr.B.NAGRAJAN Certain Investigations on Vehicle Classifications using Soft Computing Techniques 2012 2016
98 Dr. L VIJAYKUMAR BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. P. RAMALINGAM Certain investiagtions on the production and optimization of beta glucan by bacillus cereus LVK13 2010 2017
99 Dr.VANITHA M CHEMISTRY Dr C KAVITHA Efficient client side security model for data storage and data deletion in cloud 2011 2017
100 Dr.SARAVANAN CIVIL Dr.V.SENTHILKUMAR Discrete Structural Optimization using Metaheuristic Approaches 2009 2017
101 Dr. D SASIKALA CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain Investigations On Association Rule Mining in XML Database 2010 2017
102 Dr.C.RAMESH CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Improved Min-Min Heuristie Model in Cloud Environments 2011 2017
103 Dr.N.SADHASIVAM CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Efficient and Effective Secure Data Storage in Cloud Computing 2011 2017
104 Dr.S.G MURSHIDHA TAJ CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigations On Feature Selection In Hormonal Data For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Classification 2008 2017
105 Dr. B MANJURATHI, ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of Test Power reduction and test Data compression Techniques for Digital Integrated Circuits 2011 2017
106 Dr. P K KOWSALYA ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Certain Investigation on the Performance analysis of QOS in Wireless sensor network applied for Structural health monitoring 2012 2017
107 Dr. G KARTHICK ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of Support Vector Machine and Extreme Learning Machines as Classifier for Classification of Abnormal Regions in Medical Images 2014 2017
108 Dr.P SUNIL KUMAR ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigations on Dimensionality Reduction Techniques and Certain Post Classifiers for Epilepsy Risk Level Classification from EEG Signals with Telemedicine Application 2015 2017
109 Dr.C KAMALANATHAN ECE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Certain Investigations on Trust and Reputation models for secure resourse allocation in cloud computing environment 2010 2017
110 Dr. J ARAVINTH ECE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Design and single and hybrid classifier based Score level fusion and multimodel Biometric Recognition 2011 2017
111 Dr. SANGAMESWARI PHYSICS Dr.LAKSHMINARAYANAMMOHAN Design and synthesis of hydrogen bonded liquid crystals derived from alkylandalkoxy carboxylic acids 2016 2017
112 Dr.R V SHALINI ECE Dr.P.SAMPATH Investigation on CMOS VLSI implementation of multiplicaaation process for rlns based system and its application in digital image processing 2003 2017
113 Dr.LAKSMANAN EEE Dr.C.KUMAR Investigations on Conventional and Self Tuning Fuzzy Proportional and Integral Controller for Non-linear spherical tank system 2012 2017
114 Dr.D RAJESH KUMAR IT Dr. A. SHANMUGAM Investigations on hierarichal clustering and gravitational search algorithms based simualted annealing techniques for clone and blackhole attacks in WSN 2011 2017
115 Dr. S K MANIKANDAN IT Dr. C. PALANISAMY Analysis and design of vedic multipliers for nikhilam sutra with reduced bit size using karatsuba algorithm 2010 2017
116 Dr. T PARAMESWARAN IT Dr. C. PALANISAMY Certain investigations on improving the network performance of mobile ad hoc networks 2010 2017
117 Dr. STALIN ALEX D IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Video Processing: Moving object extraction from video sequence and vector images 2009 2017
118 Dr. RAMESH G MECHANICAL Dr. UVARAJA V C Investigations on machining charcteristics and tribological behaviour of stir cast aluminium metal matrix composites 2013 2017
119 Dr.S PRIYA DURGA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.S.MURGAPPAN A study on the impact of antecedents and movement desirability on retention of faculty talent in private Engineering Institutions of Tamilnadu 2012 2017
120 Dr.K.V.TAMILSELVI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ A Study on New Classes of Generalized Continuous Maps in Topological and Bitopological Spaces 2011 2017
121 Dr.P.MADHU BALA CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Enhanced key Management Approaches for Data Security in Cloud Computing 2012 2017
122 Dr.S.SOUNTHARRAJAN CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain investigation on wrapper based feature selection for Alzheimers disease using metaheuristic optimization techniques 2011 2017
123 Dr.G.ANGELINE PRASAnNA CSE Dr.K.ANANDKUMAR A Novel Authentication System using Advanced Multimodel Biometric System 2012 2017
124 Dr.A VIVEK ANAND AERONAUTICAL Dr. V ARUMUGAM Wettability and Corrosion Behavior of Micropatterned SS304 Steel 2013 2018
125 Dr.SANGARAVADIVEL P AUTOMOBILE Dr.N.NATARAJAN Investigations on Mechanical, Wear and Machining Characteristics of Tungsten Di Sulphide particle reinforced Bronze matrix composites 2012 2018
126 Dr.I MANIKANDAN CHEMISTRY Dr MALATHI M Synthesis, Characterization, Photophysical Evalution and sensor applications of Benzimidazoquinoline and its derivatives 2014 2018
127 Dr.S NIRMALA LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE Dr C KAVITHA A Scientometric study of research output on biosensor literature during 1977 - 2015 2011 2018
128 Dr.K SANKARA NARAYANAN CHEMISTRY Dr C KAVITHA Chemical, Thermal and Spectral Characterization of Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystals 2011 2018
129 Dr.A.MAHUDESWARAN CHEMISTRY Dr P S VIJAYANAND Studies on aniline and m-toludine copolymers with substituted aniline derivative and their metal nanocomposites as electrochemically active materials 2011 2018
130 Dr. M ANIDHA CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Investigations on feature selection techniques in microarray MIRNA expression data for cancer classification 2010 2018
131 Dr. R PRABU ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of SVM ELM KNN Classifiers for detection of Abnormal Region from Electrical Impedance Tomography Images 2011 2018
132 Dr.S KARTHICK ECE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Certain Investigations on Design and Implementation of efficient Arithmetic circuits for VLSI architectures 2011 2018
133 Dr. S NISHA ANGLINE ECE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Design and Implementation of High speed Vedic Multiplier 2011 2018
134 Dr.K S VAIRAVEL EIE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Certain Investigations on Meta Heuristic Algorithms for Feature Selection inMultimodel Biometrics 2010 2018
135 Dr. K RAMA ABIRAMI ECE Dr.M.G.SUMITHRA Credit Value Based AODV Algorithms to Prevent Selfish Node Behavior Attacks for Secured Routing in MANETs 2012 2018
136 Dr.PREM P EEE Dr.BHARANI KUMAR R Performance Analysis of Multilevel Power Converters for Solar PV Power Conversion System 2013 2018
137 Dr.RAJASEKARAN R EEE Dr.BHARANI KUMAR R Performance Improvement Of Grid Connected Wind Turbine Driven Doubly Fed Induction Generators (Dfigs) J 2013 2018
138 Dr.P KRISHNA MOORTHY EEE Dr.BHARANI KUMAR R Design and Analysis of PID controller in Process flow Industry 2013 2018
139 Dr.K MAHALAKSHMI INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain investigation on secure routing against malicicious attacks in mobile adhock network 2011 2018
140 Dr.J NANDHINI INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain investigations on energy efficient authenticated routing protocol for mobile adhoc networks 2011 2018
141 Dr.SUGUNA M INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain Investigation on meta heuristics approaches for bi-objective task scheduling in distributed computing 2011 2018
142 Dr.S UMA RANI INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Dr.D.SHARMILA Certain investigations on improvements in classification algorithm for application layer distributed denial of service attacks 2011 2018
143 Dr.SRINIVASAN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Dr. G. M. TAMILSELVAN Certain Investigations on low power versatile bit serial multiplier design for cryptoprocessor and channel coder 2012 2018
144 Dr.T GOPALAKRISHNAN IT Dr.P. SENGOTTUVELAN Certain Investigations on Web Document Classification using Swarm Intelligence Attached the publication list 2011 2018
145 Dr. MATHIYALAGAN B IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Certain Investigations on Routing Techniques through effective route optimization Mechanisms in mobile Adhoc networks 2009 2018
146 Dr. KUMAR M MECHANICAL Dr A MEGALINGAM Experimental Investigations on Tribological and Machining Behaviour of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites for Automobile Brake Rotor Applications 2013 2018
147 Dr. SENTHILKUMAR P MECHANICAL Dr SIVAKUMAR K Modelling and simulation of adaptive fuzzy controller for full car model based non linear vehicle active suspension 2013 2018
148 Dr. MATHAN KUMAR P MECHANICAL Dr SIVAKUMAR K Multi objective optimization and analysis 2013 2018
149 Dr.A RAJESH SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK A study on the attributes and factors influencing online buying behaviours of the consumers 2009 2018
150 Dr.R.SATHISH KUMAR CSE Dr.B.NAGRAJAN A Fusion Model of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inferences system and support vector Machine for Region based Object Extraction 2011 2018
151 Dr.SARAVANAKUMAR M AUTOMOBILE Dr.N.NATARAJAN Tribological characterization and machining parameters optimization of Mg metal matrix composite 2012 2019
152 Dr.SANTHOSH N AUTOMOBILE Dr.S.JEGADHEESWARAN Reactive control of electrical power takeoff for a Non - Buoyant type wave energy converter 2013 2019
153 Dr. R PREMA CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain investigations on Utility Mining Algorithms for Extracting High Utility Item Sets with Negative Item Values. 2011 2019
154 Dr. V PANCHAMI IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI An Efficient symmetric cipher for mobile device to Enable End to End Secure communication 2011 2019
155 Dr. N R GAYATHRI IT Dr. A.M. NATARAJAN Investigation on indexing algorithms for big data retrieval 2014 2019
156 Dr. C INDIRANI MATHEMATICS Dr. M. PARIMALA A study on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Chi closed sets in terms of Supra and Nano Topologiocal Spaces. 2014 2019
157 Dr.D JEEVITHA PHYSICS Dr SADASIVAM K Investigation of Biomolecules and Biological benefits deploying density functional theory 2014 2019
158 Dr.S SUNDARAM PHYSICS Dr.VIJAYAKUMAR V N (CO GUIDE) Experimental and theoretical studies on multiple hydrogen bonded liquid crystals 2016 2019
159 Dr.S.GOKILA CSE Dr.K.ANANDKUMAR Prediction and outline detection on climate Data using eArima Time series analysis with NaïveSCKM Algorithm 2014 2019
160 Dr. SANGEETHA M CSE Dr.K.ANANDKUMAR An Indexing Technique using Annotation for improved MARKOVIAN model based image Retrieval System 2012 2019
161 Dr.V.ILANGO TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Dr.K.SHABARIDHARAN An Investigation of Tensile and Static Puncture Characteristics of the Needle punched Non-Woven fabrics produced from sisal and polypropylene fibers 2011 2019
162 Dr.C.THIYAGARAJAN CSE Dr.K.ANANDKUMAR Novel methods for diagnosis Diabetes Mellitus based on Machine Learning Classifiers 2014 2019
163 Dr.M.GOBALAKRISHNAN TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Dr.D.SARAVANAN Development of Anti Microbial Textiles using Vitex Negundo, Coleus Amboinicus and Gloriosa Superba 2011 2019