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Research Facilities

Equipment Capabilities

1. To fabricate different alloys with different compositions<br /> 2. The maximum temperature is limited to 1500 °C<br /> 3. The maximum capacity of the unit is limited to 2 kg<br /> 4. The type of cooling gas used in the system is Nitogen or Argon "


"Load by hydraulic: 5 ton (with factor of safety 2) hydraulic slow acting press, with two wide column mild steel frame, single cylinder with double acting, with pressure indicator shall be provided. The furnace will be loaded above the bottom plate of the pressure. Cooling gas: Inert gas (Nitrogen / Argon) Maximum pressure for inert gas operation: 1200 in inert Rated voltage: 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, Heating power zones: 1-2 Zones  Water cooling with Soft water  PH 7 to 8, Suspended solids < 10 ppm, Inlet temperature: 30 °C.Furnace cooling system have multiple (at least 5) inlet and outlet connections Furnace performance empty furnace Pumping time to 10-5 mbar range in 90 minutes or less, Maximum Heating rate: 5C / min"


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