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Research Facilities

Equipment Capabilities

<p>1.Pressure test to assess hydraulic external/internal leakage                                                                      <br /> 2. Pressure test procedure on fuel systemcomponents                                                    <br /> 3.Demonstraion of Hydraulic filter system</p>


1. Hydraulic System: (Landing Gear Actuation System)<br /> <font>Includes: Hydraulic Reservoir (tank), Hydraulic<br /> Fluid 30liters, Strainer, 1 hp Motor, Gear Pump,<br /> Selector valve with Pressure controller, double<br /> acting Actuation Cylinder, Return Filter, End<br /> effectors (landing gear Actuation System). Electrical<br /> Panel Board.<br /> 2. Filter clogging: High wing tanks, gravity feed system cum<br />  pressure feed pumps for each tank, carbon filters, RO hoses with<br /> T & L unions, pressure adjuster, Atomizer with 0.5mm hole</font>


Lab and Research


Aircraft System Lab