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The setup is capable of simulating a flow process. By controlling the flow rate and pressure, the manipulated variable of the controller can also be used to operate a proportional directional control valve. The two-way ball valve can be used to simulate a "load" for disturbance variable compensation in the level controlled system. A the parameters for different fluids


"Mechanical components: 2 reservoirs, pressure reservoir, plug-in tube system, filter regulating valve, mounting frame, profile plate Sensors: 2 capacitive sensors, 2 float switches, ultrasound sensor, flow sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor PT100 Actuators: pump, proportional directional control valve, 2-way ball valve with pneumatic quarter turn actuator and end-position sensing, double-acting, heating Electrical components: I/O connection board with measuring transducer, motor controller, I/O terminal, SysLink, 8I/8O, analog terminal, SysLink, 15-pin"


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