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Equipment Capabilities

The wear characterization of aerospace material can be calculated for diffrent loading condition and for different environment (WET &DRY).


Normal load range: up to 200N Frictional force range: Up to 200N with a resolution of 1N with tare facility. Wear measurement range:2mm with tare facility Sliding speed: 0.26 to 12m/s Disc speed: 100 to 2000 rpm Preset timer range: upto 99hrs:59min:59 sec Wear disc diameter: 165mm, 8mm thickness (EN 24 disc 58 to 69 hrc) Wear disc track diameter: 10 to 140mm Specimen pin diameter/diagonal = dia.3mm to 12mm Pin length: 25 to 30mm Data acquisition system: Upto 8 channels with national instruments USB DAQ card Lubricating re-circulating system: Tank capacity = 3 litres, flow rates = 0-1 liter/min, viscosity range = 90SAE Max., Temp: Ambient to 60 deg C max. Specimen holders: Ball, square, rectangular = each 01 no. Wear disc: 165mm, 8 mm thickness (EN24 Disc 58-60 HRC).




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