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Research Facilities

Equipment Capabilities

"1. To fabricate bimetallic, trimetallic and multi layer materials <br /> 2. To accomadate the specimen size of 50mm and maximum temperature of 1400°C <br /> 3. The furnace can be operated in hydrogen atmosphere upto 1050°C"


Loading : Horizontal loading - Effective hot zone (Working Zone), 150 mm diameter X 200 mm long. Weight of actual job to be processed will be up to 25 kgs. (Max.)  Max. Operating temperature: 1100° C. Temperature uniformity in vacuum: ±5 C (at above 600°C) Operating vacuum: 10-5 range, Ultimate vacuum: 10-5 range Partial pressure heating: 10-2 to 10-4  mbar, Leak rate: = 3 x 10-8 m bar lit/sec. Inert atmosphere heating: Furnace can be operated in inert (Ar, He etc) to its full level Reducing/controlled atmosphere heating: the furnace can be operated in Hydrogen Atmosphere up to 1050° C. Maximum load for pressure bonding and diffusion bonding: 5000 kgs, upgradable to 25000 kgs




Basic Workshop