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1. Lift and drag estimation of various aerodynamic models by three component external balance<math xmlns=""> </math><br /> 2. Determination of aerodynamic flow characteristics of various models using pressure scanner.<br /> 3. Flow visualization studies on low speed flow over various models using smoke, tuft and chemical coating method.


Type of tunnel : low speed, open circuit, suction type . Test Section : 600mm X 600mm X 1000mm long . Test velocity range : 4 to 30m/s Contraction ratio : 9 Drive : Axial flow fan driven by AC motor with VFD controller, digital speed indicator and control unit, 10HP, 1440RPM. Overall size : Length : 10m, Width : 1.5m, Height : 2m(approx) Material of construction : Teak Wood Power requirement : 415V, 3ph, 50Hz.


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Aerodynamic laboratory