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Research Repository

S No Faculty Name Area of specialization Journal Name Title of the Paper Published Year Link
1 saravanan k Technical textiles Journal of Natural Fibres Study of Acoustic Properties of Chicken Feather Fibre (CFF) and Its Hybrid Composites 2019 Web Link
2 shanmugapriya v Technical textiles International journal of modern science and technology Influence of Process Conditions on Tensile Properties of Chicken Feather Fibre Reinforced with Polypropylene Composite Board 2018 Web Link
3 thirumurugan v Technical textiles IJRTE Development of Electro spun Wound dressing for Homorrage control using Biominerals 2019 Web Link
4 thirumurugan v Technical textiles colourage Adsorption Technique for removal of colour from Textile effluent 2019 Web Link
5 thirumurugan v Technical textiles Asian Dyer Introspection into the eco- friendly garment Finishes and its applications 2019 Web Link
6 thirumurugan v Technical textiles Fibres and Polymers Design of an Instrument to Determine the Acoustic Characteristics of Non Wovens Made from Recycled Polyester, Jute and Flax, 2020 Web Link