Special Lab Awards | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Manufacturing & Fabrication Lab

S No Awards
1 Second prize in IIT Guwahati (TECHNICHE 19) Robowar
2 First prize in CBIT Hyderabad (ROBOVANZA 19) Robowar
3 First Prize in PSG (SRISTHI 19) Pick & Place
4 First and Second Prize in SRM (AARUSH 19) Maze Runner & Robo Race
5 First Prize in BIT’S PILANI Hyderabad (ATOMS 19) Robowar
6 First Prize in GCET Kochi (EXCEL 19) Robo Soccer
7 First and Second Prize in IIT Madras (SHAASTRA 20) Manual Robotics & Robo War
8 First and Second Prize in IIT Palakkad (PETRICHOR 20) Robowar & Pirate Battle
9 First Prize in IIT Varanasi (TECHNEX 20) Robowar & Hurdlemania
10 Third Prize in Anna University (KURUSHETRA 20) Nitro RC
11 First, Second and Third Prize in IIST Trivandrum (CONSCIENTIA 20) Aquabot, Roborace, Robo War
12 First Prize in NIITE Bangalore (ANADYANDA 20) Robowar
13 Shortlisted for top 10 in TECHNICHE 19
14 Secured Overall 12th Rank in TECH FEST -IIT Bombay
15 First position in TECHFEST - IIT Tirupati
16 Overall Championship in ISIEE - IKR 2020 Electric KART
17 Future award in ISIE - IKR 2020 Mechanical KART
18 Guru Dronacharya award in AIRC GO KART
19 National level 6th rank in Shell Eco Marathon
20 First hill climb, First in acceleration, Second In Sales plan presentation, Second in maneuverability in BAJA 800- FMAE
21 Guru Dronacharya award and Best sludge pull in SAE BAJA 2020
22 Overall Third Rank, First in Acceleration, First Sales presentation Second in Skip pad and second in auto cross in FFS - FMAE 2019
23 Best Innovation award in SAE Electric Bicycle
24 First and second prize in Best endurance award, third prize in overall performance award in SAE 'Bicycle Design Competition - 2019'
25 India Level - 25th position in SAE SUPRA
26 Overall Rank 10 in SAE EFFICYCLE
27 First in Durability, Third in maneuverability in SAE Tractor design 2019
28 Third position in SAE Tractor design 2020
29 Secured Top 15 in IMTEX 2020