Data science industrial applications | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Data science industrial applications


  • Contribute to the progress of Data Science research through appropriate use and diffusion of emerging technologies.


  • To promote research related to Data Science.
  • To motivate students to enhance knowledge in Data Science in order to develop projects and products.
  • To develop proof of concepts for industrial problems and to solve complex problems for participating National/International Competitions.


  • To provide continuous training to the students in the field of Data Analytics with Business perspective and provide platform to showcase their ideas in the National and International competitions.
  • To promote the research in the field of advancements in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics with additional insights to business analytics.

What we do

    We are working in the fields of Data Analytics, Design of Algorithms, Big Data Analytics, Visualization models, Building Reusable Methods (Github/ Kaggle Utility Scripts) to develop innovative data analytics projects and to fulfil the requirement of customer through consultancy services.