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Electronic system for wildlife conservation lab


  • Our Vision is to develop and design indigenous low-cost, easy to use, directional, compact, wireless equipment system to drive away crop-raiding wild animals (including an elephant) without compromising safety at both ends and also to safe guard wildlife and nature.


  • To equip students with the knowledge on basic Micro-controller for the design and development of wildlife conservation equipment's.
  • To collaborate with the Industries, NGOs and Forest department on developing solutions for problem statements in the field of wildlife conservation.

What we do

  • Electronics System for wildlife conservation lab focused on achieving peaceful coexistence among human and wildlife. It is one of the fundamental requirements for wildlife conservation. ‘Animal Crop Raiding’ and subsequent tension and anger among the farmers are the prime factors which are hindering the achievement of the objective. Providing a much needed safe, secure and effective animal drive away tool to the farmers, will be able to mitigate the tension considerably and thus will help to achieve the target. Our primary objective is to support the students, faculty and researchers to develop their own products in the domain of wildlife conservation by motivating them to participate in National & International level events and also file patents for their own ideas.

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