Embedded technology lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Embedded technology lab


  • Our Vision is to strive for excellence in the field of Embedded Technology. The lab has a focused objective on developing products for needs of the society and industries with the latest technology and with complete automation. Our major focus is to impart knowledge, skill, and continuous training for the students in the field of Embedded Technology.


  • To facilitate students with the sound knowledge on Embedded Technology and system design.
  • To design and develop Embedded products for real life applications.
  • To collaborate with the industries and institutes on developing solutions for problem statements in the field of Embedded Technology.


  • Focus on research and development of Embedded system design and Technology & provide solutions for societal needs.
  • Develop new products using the concept of Embedded Technology and provide solutions for industry defined problems.
  • Develop students with rich knowledge in embedded system design and make them a well educated Embedded Technologist.

What we do

  • Our objective is to provide continuous training to the students in the field of Embedded Technology development. An Embedded Technology lab is processor-based computer hardware with software design and development lab to perform a dedicated function or an independent system. At the core, we provide an integrated circuit design to carry out solutions for real-life problems. Embedded System with Embedded Technology is the future. Every industry needs some artificial intelligence into it, and it can be given by embedded systems & Technologies.