Art and design lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Art and design lab


  • To create a platform for the students clan to bring out their inevitable ideas on designing, traditional handcrafting techniques and sustainability.


  • To create design collection suitable to a particular season forecasting the future trends
  • To develop products with intricate design detailing that allures people for customization
  • To design and develop sustainable products that meets the sustainable future

What we do

  • Focus on upcycling methods
  • Customization of handcrafted products
  • Development lifestyle products with sustainable materials
  • Freelance Design Projects (Hand-made and Digital)
  • Participating in events both Nationally and Internationally
  • Exhibiting the products at trade shows and exhibitions
  • Organizing workshops related to handicrafts
  • Inviting artisans to organize hands on training sessions, in order to revive the rich heritage of the dying art forms of India
  • Reaching out to the downtrodden, to help them earn their living