Iot lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology


  • To renovate things into smarter, by keeping them lively with internet and endow with artificial intelligence based elucidation to the general public from the analytics done from the virtual location.


  • To afford the platform where professionals become skilled at smart city applications
  • To meet up the quality of engineers’ requisite to erect an Industry 5.0
  • To make available of expertise Centre for skill up-gradation


  • Focus on research-design and development of IoT enabled technologies & solutions which are cost effective and socially relevant
  • IoT Labs will inspire students to create new products and services and look at providing solutions to problems from a creative mind-set. Our innovation labs intend to provide an enriching experience to students so that they can break away from the monotony to come up with novel ideas with leadership skills.
  • In the long run, it will help create start-up founders and entrepreneurs.

What we do

    Our primary objective is to support the students to do research on IoT and develop their own products in the domain of Electronics and Computer Science. The students were given a platform to develop the application products, which is to be used in Smart City applications. This lab motivates the students to participate in national and international level events as well.

    We concentrate on the following verticals

  • Sensors
  • Cloud
  • Controllers
  • The Internet of Things Laboratory in Bannari Amman Institution has been established during the month of October 2018. For students, the lab is a one stop solution for Industry-on-demand skills. The facilities around the lab make student’s future ready to deal with the requirements of the industry. Apart from getting hands on learning and development experience, the student develops interpersonal skills as well. The lab environment gives an experience of Project Management, Project Documentation and Leadership Skills.

    The lab provides immense Research Opportunities for the Professors and PG/Ph.D scholars. Having a lab at the campus makes it easy to receive Project Grants as it will justify the sustainable use of the grants. This also opens the scope for Faculty Consultancy Opportunity.

    In the lab, IoT devices can provide instant or long-term analysis, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. It will likely transform how we conduct research, process development and manufacturing.