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Liquid crystal research lab


  • Building on the foundation of the Science, and Liquid Crystal legacy of cutting edge science, the LCRL embraces all materials research, with an initial emphasis on materials that respond to changes in their environment.


  • To generate trained man power in this interdisciplinary field for the design, synthesis and characterization of liquid crystals
  • To train students and faculties in the most scientifically advanced techniques with the imported machines and introduce to the habit of research rational thinning
  • To generate research support in the form of research grants from government, industry and other resources
  • To conduct frequent training camps in the form of webinar, symposium, conference and workshops to students, faculties and researchers
  • To publish in highly reputed international journals and to patent various inspiring ideas
  • To bring out various applications of liquid crystals in the form of products


  • To provide continuous training to the students in the field of application of liquid crystals
  • To provide platform to showcase their ideas in the National and International competitions
  • To promote the research in the field of thermotropic liquid crystals

What we do

  • Thermotropic liquid crystal with hydrogen bond and its application
  • Thermal, optical and electrical characterization.
  • Dispersion of SWCNT & MWCNT in liquid crystal matrix, characterization and its applications.

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