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Manufacturing & fabrication lab


  • Manufacturing and Fabrication lab of Bannari Amman Institution has been established with the ultimate aim to facilitate and support the learners in the month of Jul. By enhancing interpersonal and technical skills on designing and manufacturing vehicles, the learners will be able to contribute to product developments in interdisciplinary laboratories by incorporating machining techniques. The learner as an Engineer will have the ability to provide solutions and inventions based on societal needs abiding all the standards and ethics.


  • The fundamental objective is to kindle and evacuate all the inhibited talents of the learner and project him as an equipped engineer in the midst of existing industries/ entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage the learners to participate in all National and International technical events and showcase their skills. The learner will be able to organize the same platform and improve their interpersonal skills.
  • We are here to ultimately facilitate the needs and support the learners to assure yearn to gain knowledge in respective domains.


  • To provide continuous training to the students in the field of application of Manufacturing and vehicle technology.
  • To provide platform to showcase their ideas in the National and International competitions.
  • To promote the research in the field of Advanced manufacturing and vehicle technology.

What we do

  • Design and stimulation (sketch any kind of 3D, 2D sketches, Sheetmetal composites tooling parts and their assembly using Catia).
  • Material processing and Handling (Engineering standards and specification).
  • Automation (Selection of a suitable actuators, Drive, guideways based on application).

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