Micro prototyping lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Micro prototyping lab


  • To develop and enhance the students with the essential practical knowledge and infrastructure for the development of groundbreaking high performance technology in the field of additive manufacturing (AM) that can turn innovative concepts into reality.


  • To support the development of the next generation of manufacturing technologies by framing the knowledge-driven technical team.
  • To motivate the development of next-generation machines that would otherwise be impossible/impractical to manufacture, including the creation and incubation of new applications for additive manufacturing and attendant first-to-market advantages.
  • To provide the technical and infrastructure support to the students and industry in the form of consultancy.
  • To enable the students to participate in various technical contests, filing of patents, internships and placements.
  • Foster new talent and/or retraining the existing workforce for employment in AM and related industries.


  • To provide continuous training and career enhancement to the students in the field of additive manufacturing.
  • To promote the research in the field of additive manufacturing.
  • To provide platform to showcase their ideas in the National and International competitions.

What we do

  • Micro Prototyping Laboratory of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology has been established in November 2019. This laboratory provides opportunities to the students to enhance their knowledge in the field of design and fabrication of various machines related to prototyping. This lab aims to guide the students to learn more about recent technology and helping them to develop new projects to participate in the competitions to showcase their talents.