Bio prospecting lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Bio prospecting lab


  • Attaining heights in Bioprospecting, product development, commercialization and shaping our lab students into a premier expert in the world of commercial biology.


  • To impart technical skills on bio-product design and tickle the entrepreneur skills of our students.
  • To motivate students in attending various technical competitions across the globe of high standards and shine up with flying colours.
  • To guide and mentor our students technically and psychologically to interact with national and international industries, identify their problems and help them in solving them by exploring the Miracles of Biology.

What we do

  • Skill development and training in Microbial and Plant Bioprospecting domains.
  • Industrial Consultancy.
  • Technical guidance.
  • Mentoring for Bio-related competitions.
  • Start-up guidance.
  • Product development.