Opensource lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Opensource lab


  • To impart a unique Learning experience for the utilization of various Open Source tools and applications so as to kindle innovation and creativity among students, to develop various applications.


  • Experimenting various Open Source applications/software/tools.
  • Development of open source software/applications.
  • To continuously challenge the young minds with ideas so as to carry out innovative research through interaction with the research organizations & industry and to provide them avenues for recognition by participation in challenging platforms.
  • To develop responsible citizens with high ethical and moral values, who contribute in developing their own technological products.


  • Open Source laboratory is focused on various Open Source tools, frameworks and applications. Our primary objective is to implement projects in the Open source technology as per academic/industrial requirements and to create awareness among the students about being Open Source.

What we do

  • Software/Tool Development.
  • Web service Creation.
  • Creating software bots usingRobotics Process Automation.

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