Biopolymer and biomaterial synthesis and anayltical testing lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Biopolymer and biomaterial synthesis and anayltical testing lab


  • To develop ecofriendly and biocompatible materials (films, bioplastics, rods, fibers, hydrogels, adhesives,scaffolds, adsorbents,compositesetc ) from renewable natural biopolymers and plant biomass for medical and non-medical applications and characterize/analyse them by instrumental methods.


  • Facilitate fabrication and characterization of biopolymer based novel biomaterials- related to medical and non-medical technologies for professional and scientific development.
  • Production of natural fiber and activated carbon using plant biomass for textile and composites, and water treatment and electrode uses respectively.
  • Provide unique, cutting-edge resources to students at all levels so they may pursue their biomaterial research and innovation interests.
  • Stimulate interdisciplinary collaborative research by providing core biomaterial facilities to external institutes and industries.
  • To broaden the facility to accommodate more research activities on medical biomaterials by mobilizing research grant.
  • Teach individuals and foster education and research on biomaterials to promote their research publication, patent filing, participation in biomaterial related conference, workshop, product and project design contests , guest lecture etc.
  • Train the students with various advanced analytical instruments used in material analysis /characterization.
  • Coach the students in analyzing and understanding the host response to implantable materials andcell-material interactions.
  • To transfer developed technologies of bio-materials for commercialization and entrepreneurship.
  • To disseminate knowledge on concepts and good practices of applications of biomaterial for use in medical and non-medical applications.

What we do

  • Biopolymer, Bioceramic and plant biomass based biomaterialproduction and characterization for medical and non-medical applications.
  • Modification of biopolymer and its characterization to fabricate biomaterial with and without embedded metal/metaloxide/inert filler nano particles with improved performance.
  • Periodical training for students on Instrumental methods of analysis.
  • Training the students on biomaterial and analytical techniques by online courses and guest lectures.
  • Material analysis by Analytical Instrumental technique.
  • In-vitro evaluation of host-response of body implanted biomaterial and cell-material interaction.

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