Vision engineering lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Vision engineering lab


  • Analyze, investigate and understand the scientific principles underlying the construction of integrated computer vision systems and thereby develop rugged products to solve real time problems prevalent in society and industries.
  • Expose students to application based learning with hands-on sessions and henceforth enrich their knowledge to build an industrial standard product.


  • To develop products and software solutions to solve challenges present in society and thereby enrich human lives by exploiting computer vision, machine learning and deep learning technologies.
  • To empower students with knowledge of fundamentals to latest technologies in image processing, NLP, deep learning and AI and henceforth enabling to them to be better problem solvers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

What we do

  • The lab is primarily involved in solving the real world problems through Computer Vision based techniques. The lab is responsible for imparting state of the art knowledge to students in the field of Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, computer vision and deep learning. We empower students in transforming their ideas to real time product that solves most pressing challenges highly prevalent in our society. In addition to these, students are encouraged to participate in numerous prestigious national and international competitions to increase their competency.