Bioprocess and bioproducts lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Bioprocess and bioproducts lab


  • To facilitate and equip the students with the required technical knowledge and infrastructure for the development of novel bioprocess technology and bioproducts based on the market need.


  • To frame knowledge driven student team to carry out various lab activities.
  • To provide the technical and infrastructure support to the students and industry in the form of consultancy
  • To enable the students to participate in various technical contests, filing of patents, internships and placements.
  • To create and commercialize novel bioproducts and technologies from algae, fungi and bacteria.

What we do

  • Bioprocess and Bioproducts special laboratory focused on industrial enzymes and environmentally safe products, aiming to transform traditional intermediate processes to modern, sustainable practices. We are unique in our dedication to enzymes and microbes.
  • The lab aims at developing critical technology using bacteria, fungi and algae for enzymatic processes towards development of neutra-ceuticals, phyto-chemicals, value-added bio-products for various application in Food, Paper, Detergent, animal feeding and Textile.