Communication protocol lab | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Communication protocol lab


  • To impart a unique Learning experience for the utilization of various wired and wireless Communication Protocols in free space and underwater communication so as to kindle innovation & creativity among students, to develop various applications.


  • To continuously challenge the young minds with ideas so as to carry out innovative research through interaction with the research organizations & industry and to provide them avenues for recognition by participation in challenging platforms.
  • Develop and validate communication protocols to support joint problem solving and decision making by mission controllers and space crews during periods of asynchronous communication.
  • To develop responsible citizens with high ethical and moral values, who contribute in developing their own technological products for the needy peoples.

What we do

  • Our primary objective is to train students on various wired and wireless communication protocol standards, to use appropriate communication protocols for their own applications and motivate them to participate in National and international level events. We are deeply engaged in providing a pleasant platform for students to enrich their knowledge in the field of communication engineering.