Special Lab Patents | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Communication Protocol Lab

S No Patents Date
1 Diagnostic Support System of Basal Cell Carcinoma in Skin Tissue using an RF Signal 2021-03-08
2 A Portable IOT Based Dipstick Type Engine Oil Level and Impurities Monitoring System using RF Signal 2021-01-27
3 A Smart Multichannel Coordinated Medical Intravenous Drip Infusion Monitoring System using RF Signal 2020-12-18
4 Automatic Baby Cradle Monitoring And Nutritional Feed System By Categorizing Audio Of Babies Cry 2021-01-11
5 Non-Invasive Detection of Blood Glucose Level in Smart Watches using Breathe Acetone 2021-01-22
6 Early Detection and Alerting Device for Preventing Toppling of Trucks Using Vehicle to Vehicle Communication 2021-04-30
7 Detection of humans using acoustic signals in underwater during flood relief operations 2021-05-03
8 Vehicle Remote Health and Pollution Monitoring and Prognostic Maintenance System 2021-03-25
9 Slotted hexagonal shaped UWB antenna for 2021-04-01
10 Multi featured Security System 2021-05-09
11 An IoT based Smart Hair Band for Women Safety 2021-09-27