Special Lab Trainings | Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Intelligent Communication and Embedded Systems Lab

S No Training
1 Arduino Programming for controlling appliances/gadgets
2 Antenna Fabrication at 1800 MHz- 2.4 GHz
3 Raspberry Pi
4 Antenna Design and Fabrication Techniques
5 Antenna Principles and Design Techniques
6 Evolution of Wireless: 5G technology
7 Millimeter Wave for 5G
8 Basic of Arduino Programming
9 Introduction to Millimetre Wave Communication and Mobile Technologies
10 Arduino programming and CCS code
11 Basic signal processing, and Circuit simulation using Proteus Design Suite
12 Arduino Programming and Code Composer Studio Programming
13 Basic signal processing, and Circuit Simulation using Proteus Design Suite
14 Arduino Programming and its Applications
15 5G system designs and development towards IoT applications
16 How to prepare Animation Video
17 Proteus Design Suite
18 Python for Massive MIMO
19 Introduction to Embedded Systems
20 Microcontroller Programming
21 Electronic circuit Simulation using Proteus Software
22 Introduction to Antenna Design
23 Introduction to 5G technologies
24 Design of Wireless Technologies Using Python Slot 1
25 Design of Wireless Technologies Using Python Slot 2