Ausb Zonal Achievements

Milestone: 2022 - 2023
Category: Zonal

BIT achieved Overall Second Place in Sports Achievements for the academic year 2022–2023 of Zone – 12 Colleges of Anna University, Chennai, which comprised 30 colleges on October to December 2022. The following is the list of achievements of BIT teams:
• Men’s Basketball, Chess, Football and Women’s Ball Badminton teams won Gold medals.
• Men’s Ball Badminton, Handball, Hockey, Kho Kho, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Women’s Badminton & Chess Teams won Silver medals.
• Men’s Badminton and Women Table Tennis Teams won the Bronze medal.
• The Women’s athletic team secured overall second place and the Men’s team secured overall third place. The teams totally won 07 Gold, 08 Silver and 09 Bronze medals in this zonal athletic meet.