Phenomenal accomplishments of our 2023 batch students

Milestone: 2023
Category: Placement Record

   The Department of Training and Placement has provided comprehensive Internal and External training in multitudinous perspectives like Technical, Aptitude, Core, and Verbal Communication to crack all the levels of the interviews. The training equips students to successfully navigate all stages of interviews.

     In the 2023 Batch, a total of 1472 students secured 2117 offers from 274 different companies. Many students even received multiple offers, allowing them to pursue their ideal career paths. This remarkable achievement reflects a 100% placement rate for the batch.

     To ensure students are well-prepared, we conduct mock interviews at all levels, helping them overcome anxiety and gain confidence to face actual interviews. Our trainers provide valuable etiquette and guidelines to help students present themselves professionally in the eyes of potential employers. 

   These achievements would not have been possible without the constant support and guidance from the heads, faculties, mentors, and trainers. Their unwavering commitment has played a crucial role in helping students reach new heights in their lives.