Ten Bitians Achieve Remarkable Success: Securing Offers at Quinbay with a salary package of 12.0 LPA

Milestone: 2023
Category: Super Dream Offers
A group of ten exceptional Bitians have successfully secured offers at Quinbay with an attractive package of 12.0 LPA, 
showcasing their remarkable achievements. The recognition and value bestowed upon their 
expertise are evident through the promising salary packages they have received.
Ms.Elakkiya B S (192CB113)
Ms.Srinidhi S (191EC284)
Ms.Archana Devi G (192CB105)
Ms.Vasunthra T (192CB146)
Mr.Suthir S (191CS316)
Mr.Dhanush Praveen D (191CS155)
Ms.Jaisri V (191EC163)
Ms.Vishnupriya J (191EC315)
Mr.Elavarasan (202IT501)
Ms.Brundha B (192IT128)