S No Faculty Name Area of specialization Journal Name Title of the Paper Published Year Link
1 Hariprasad V Aerodynamics IEEE Explorer Energy Support To Airports By Wind Systems 2017 Web Link
2 Naveen R Aerodynamics Incas Design And Analysis Of Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation Technique 2019 Web Link
3 Rajasekar K Aerodynamics International Journal Of Turbo Jet-Engines Perforated Wall In Controlling The Separation Bubble Due To Shock Wave –Boundary Layer Interaction 2019 Web Link
4 Rohini D Aerodynamics Jour Of Adv Research In Dynamical & Control Systems Comparison Of Rotating Piccolo Tube With Fixed Piccolo Tube By Using CFD 2018 Web Link
5 Sivaraj G Aerodynamics Journal Of Applied Fluid Mechanics Reduction Of Aerodynamic Drag Force For Reducing Fuel Consumption In Road Vehicle Using Basebleed 2019 Web Link
6 Vadivelu P Aerodynamics Lecture Notes In Mechanical Engineering Numerical Investigation Of Single Ramp Scramjet Inlet Characteristics At Mach Number 5.96 Due To Shock Wave–Boundary Layer Interaction 2019 Web Link