Agnihotra Purifies Atmosphere, Simple to Follow

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Notable Day in the history of Bhopal

On the night of December 2, 1984, the people of Bhopal fell into a deep sleep. During the silence, the voices of the people suddenly aroused, the city itself rallied for survival none understood what went wrong lots fainted, some cried, some suffocated to death.

The tragedy killed about 2,000 people and injured thousands in the blink of an eye.

The accident caused an unexpected Methyl isocyanide (MIC) gas leak from the Union Carbide plant near the Bhopal railway station. It has been 38 years since people embraced death, and it is still green in peoples minds.

Secret of Survival in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The world wondered when thousands of lives had vanished, but how the two families living near the plant were alive?

At around 1.30 am on the 2nd, Kushwaha, a 43-year-old teacher, woke up to the sound of his wife Triveni vomiting. Triveni and her children began to cough incessantly, followed by various ailments such as tearing, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

When they saw the streets, they noted many people were affected and asked what happened, Kushwaha was answered by a person about the gas leak in the Union Carbide factory about a mile away.

They also thought of leaving the house after learning of the poisonous gas leak from the Union Carbide plant 2 km away, but Triveni did not agree to it but acted on what they knew. Within 20 minutes, the symptom of the poisonous air had disappeared. What did they follow? and how it protected them?

The reply is Agnihotra.

M.L. Rathore (33), with his wife, four children, mother, and a younger were residing near the Bhopal Railway station, where dozens of people died due to MIC poisoning. Rathore started doing Agnihotra five years back of that incident, began doing the Homa, and continued with the Tryambakam Homa, what a surprise the poisonous gas disappeared.

These are the two examples of Agnihotra coming to the rescue of the gas-stricken people of Bhopal. Many of the Agnihotri were benefitted from the Homa in Bhopal also might have escaped in this way.

What is Agnihotra?

Our aim in this article is to know about Agnihotra , the benefits out of it, who should do this, the time and the requirement needed for performing this.

Who can perform?

Agnihotra is not a big Homa. Agnihotra can perform by anyone who wants to regulate the body, mind, and surroundings, to do it in the morning and evening is a small whirlwind to be made while pronouncing the simple two vibrating words at sunrise and sunset.

Time and cost are minima for practicing this and many times more effective.

Effects of Homa

When we do Agnihotra, the serenity level in the brain will increase, and the body will be refreshed and remain for a long time.

Pollution at present is increasing worldwide, good ambient air keeps good health, with five simple rules we can gain the comfort by blazing fire Agnihotra in our home.

Everything in the ambient air cleans by this. Even if we cannot get rid of the impurities, at least protect ourselves with Agnihotra.

Do it twice a day

Agnihotra should have performed twice a day.

It is best to know the exact time of sunrise and sunset in the respective places and do so at that time. The richness of the rays coming towards the earth during the sun rising is immense, at that instant, when chanting the mantras of the Agnihotra with rhythmic sound, stimulated that energy.

As the sun sets in the evening, this energy gradually shrinks and subsides. Researcher Frances in Washington says that the sound of the Mantras we say/raise are formed based on their movement.

Agnihotra Vs Homa Gundam

Agnihotra does not require a Homa Gundam but requires a pyramid vessel of Precise length, width, and height, a stand that supports it, a small bowl, spoon for ghee, and pliers, all of these must be of copper material.

The electromagnetic rays accumulate in the copper pyramid used in the Homa Gundam. The pyramid vessel is upside down on the stand able to move away from the centre and release and increase these rays into the surrounding air.


Research is going on to find out the further benefits of Agnihotra.

A small flame and vibrating words in sharp timing give such a benefit, Agnihotra purifies the environment, protecting us.

Simple procedure, We will get the benefit from Agnihotra. Let us Start.

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