The Department of Agricultural Engineering, established in 2015, offers a 4-year B.Tech Agricultural Engineering course. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities along with qualified members of faculty and technical staff. The department has an exclusive farm machinery training centre, with cut sections of a 4-wheel drive tractor and its individual components. A fully automated and centralised on-field irrigation system enables the students to gain hands-on knowledge about irrigation practices and advanced automation units in micro-irrigation system control. Agricultural processing laboratory has been built to serve the demands of teaching and research on the processing technology of agricultural products. To impart the knowledge on crop cultivation aspects from seed to harvest, the department has a 10-acre farm along with well-equipped agriculture meteorology and crop husbandry lab. A fully automated polyhouse in the department enables the students to learn cultivation practices under a controlled environment. The department offers hands-on skill training for students from the first year onwards, on the latest agricultural engineering technologies.


To develop Agricultural Engineers with the wealth of knowledge to meet the global demand on food and nutritional security.


  • To ensure effective teaching learning process in theoretical and practical knowledge on conventional and modern technology based agricultural systems.
  • To provide amicable environment for students to develop innovative technologies for agriculture and allied sectors.
  • To develop agricultural engineering graduates skillful to blossom into entrepreneurs, scientists, academicians and technocrats for sustainable food production.


  • Excel in academic/professional carrier by acquiring knowledge and skill in engineering principles involved in Agriculture.
  • Analyze and improve agricultural operations through farm mechanization, land and water management, post-harvest handling and energy conservation to increase yield and land use efficiency.
  • Develop professionalism in management, entrepreneurship, continuous learning and follow ethics to serve the society.

Programmes Offered