Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning


The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a unique centre of BIT established in 2021. This Department offers a 4 year B.Tech (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Programme. It has a heartfelt team of dedicated faculty members with a sound knowledge in various areas and has the state-of-art facilities for various laboratories and supports smart class learning.


Contribute to the progress of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications through appropriate use and diffusion of emerging techniques.


  • To Design and develop intelligent automated systems applying mathematical, analytical, programming, and operational skills to solve real world problems.
  • To Apply machine learning techniques, software tools to conduct experiments, interpret data and to solve complex problems.
  • To Implement engineering solutions for the benefit of society using AI and ML.


  • To perform well in their professional career by acquiring enough knowledge in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • To improve communication skills, follow professional ethics and involve in team work in their profession.
  • To update with evolving technology and use it for career advancement.

Programmes Offered