Computer Technology


In the world of technology, the human life will be incomplete without the role of Computer Technology. Computer Technology at BIT is interdisciplinary. It was inaugurated in the year 2019. Here we empower students with the tools and ideas that can be applied anywhere both in college and beyond. We aim at molding the students into highly qualified technocrats and to make them good citizens of our nation to serve the industry and society. B.Tech. Computer Technology programme has a heartfelt team of dedicated faculty members with a sound knowledge in various areas and it has the state-of-art facilities for various laboratories and supports smart class learning.


To be the leader in the field of computer technology, fostering innovative thinking, promoting technological excellence, and driving digital transformation for the benefit of society.


  • To build an innovative and problem-solving culture, empowering students to create cutting-edge computer technology solutions.
  • To equip students for thriving careers in the technology industry through practical, hands-on learning experiences and industry-relevant skill development.
  • To develop socially responsible students driving impactful digital transformations for the betterment of individuals, communities, and the environment.


  • engineering professionals, innovators or entrepreneurs engaged in technology development, technology deployment, or engineering system implementation in industry.
  • capable of interacting with their peers in other disciplines in industry and society and contribute to the economic growth of the country.
  • successful in pursuing higher studies in engineering or management and pursue career paths in teaching or research

Programmes Offered