The Department of Humanities envisages the exceptional prospects of acquiring traditional wisdom that questions contemporary economic, linguistic, religious, political, psychological and social issues at the heart of human culture and life. The Department of Humanities offers scores of opportunities for budding technocrats to learn to think creatively and critically. The focal point is to address the radical challenges in the development of ideas in Language pedagogy at the tertiary level. The department encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as Languages, Literature, Music, Yoga and Psychology. The Department of Humanities offers a plethora of opportunities to the budding technocrats to learn to think creatively and critically..


To focus on the cumulative development of individuals through imparting values on the philosophy of life by offering a plethora of disciplines such as Languages, Yoga, Psychology and Music and to equip students with the skills and knowledge to excel in their professional careers and in other spheres of life.


  • To enhance the Communicative abilities of students by imparting suitable pedagogical methods of English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi languages teaching thereby accelerating the endeavours of student community towards academic buoyancy and entrepreneurial career prospects.
  • To offer suitable inputs for students to have good health, practice mental hygiene and integrate moral values through yoga and music.
  • To foster a strong professional identity and create clinical competence through offering counselling to students.