Food Processing

S No Faculty Name Area of specialization Journal Name Title of the Paper Published Year Link
1 Chelladurai V Food Processing Canadian Biosystems Engineering Tensile Strength And Elongation Of Hemp And Sisal Ropes At Different Temperatures 2015 Web Link
2 Ramya K Food Processing Carbohydrate Polymers Effect Of Punicagranatum Peel Extracts On Antimicrobial Properties In Walnut Shell Cellulose Reinforced Bio-Thermoplastic Starch Films From Cashew Nut Shells 2018 Web Link
3 Ramya K Food Processing Carbohydrate Polymers Extraction Of Nano Cellulose Fibers From The Banana Peel And Bract For Production Of Acetyl And Lauroyl Cellulose 2018 Web Link
4 Seerangurayar T Food Processing Drying Technology Effect Of Carrier Agents On Physicochemical Properties Of Foam-Mat Freeze-Dried Date Powder 2018 Web Link
5 Seerangurayar T Food Processing Journal Of Food Engineering Effect Of Carrier Agents On Flowability And Microstructural Properties Of Foam-Mat Freeze Dried Date Powder 2017 Web Link
6 Sinthiya R Food Processing International Journal Of Innovative Technology And Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) Optimization And Development Of Gluten-Free Noodles From Foxtail Millet Using Response Surface Methodology 2019 Web Link