S No Faculty Name Area of specialization Journal Name Title of the Paper Published Year Link
1 Amitabh Wahi Networking Int. J. Mobile Network Design And Innovation Energy And Mobility Aware Route Optimisation Technique Based On Genetic Algorithm In MANETs 2017 Web Link
2 Dinesh P S Networking Journal Of Computation And Theoritical Nanosciences A Design And Implementation Of Routing Protocols For Low Power Lossy Networks 2018 Web Link
3 Gomathy B Networking Journal Of Advanced Research In Dynamical And Control Systems SSTATE OF THE ART: BROADCASTING IN MOBILE ADHOC NETWORK 2018 Web Link
4 Karthiga M Networking International Journal On Electrical And Electronics Engineering Improving Congestion Control In WSN By Multipath Routing With Priority Based Scheduling 2017 Web Link
5 Praveen V Networking IEEE Xplore Digital Library A Survey On Various Optimization Algorithm For Solving Vehicle Routing Problem 2019 Web Link
6 Praveen V Networking International Journal Of Scientific And Technology Research IoT And Fuzzy Logic Based Smart Robot System For The Detection Of Groundmines 2019 Web Link
7 Priyanka S Networking International Journal Of Scintific And Technology Research Cluster Based Certificate Revocation Using Dsr Protocol 2019 Web Link
8 Sathis Kumar K Networking Journal Of Advanced Research In Dynamical And Control Systems Survey On Enhancement Of Quality Of Service In Heterogeneous Network-On-Chip 2018 Web Link
9 Sathis Kumar K Networking International Journal Of Recent Technology And Engineering Survey On Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques In Network-On-Chip 2018 Web Link