List of PhD’s Awarded

S No Name of the PhD scholar Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration Year of award of PhD
1 Dr.P. SUBHAPRIYA CHEMISTRY Dr P S VIJAYANAND Experimental and theoretical stuides of novel hydrogen bonded thermotropic liquid crystals formed by alkoxy benzoic acids and dicarboxylic acids 2009 2014
2 Dr.V.SENTHILKUMAR CIVIL Dr.T.PALANICHAMY Experimental Studies on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Cement Mortar Embedded With Bacterial Species 2009 2014
3 Dr. B GOMATHY CSE Dr A SHANMUGAM Investigations on Risk Identification for Disease Prediction based on Association Rules 2010 2014
4 Dr. M GUNASEKARAN IT Dr. K. PREMALATHA Performance Analysis of Privacy Preserving Anonymous Routing Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc and Mobile IP Network 2010 2014
5 Dr.G.PRAKASH CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Wireless Communication Wide Band Code Division 2006 2014
6 Dr.T.ABIRAMI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Pattern Improvement in Association Rule Mining using Soft Computing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks 2009 2014
7 Dr.N.T.RENUKADEVI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Improvements in Support Vector Machine Kernel using Hybrid Evolutionary algorithms for Medical Image Classification 2009 2014
8 Dr. SENTHIL PRAKASH CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigations on Index Support for Frequent Item Set Mining in Relational DBMS. 2009 2014
9 Dr.RENUKA CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Reliable Data Security Algorithms for Mobile AD HOC Network 2010 2014
10 Dr.C.MEENAKSHI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Implementation of Self Learning Strategies for Word Sense Identification through Relation Construction 2009 2014
11 Dr.P.UMARANI CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigation in Multicast Routing using Metaheuristic Optimization Technique for Improved Quality of Service. 2011 2014
12 Dr.M.BALASUBRAMANI ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of Hybrid Classifiers (HMM, Neural Networks, Extreme Learning Machines)and FPGA Implementation of WNN for Classification of Epilepsy risk Levels from EEG Signals 2011 2014
13 Dr. JANNEFER S RAJ ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation On Localized Connectivity Architectures For Improved Quality Of Service In Wireless Personal Networks 2011 2014
14 Dr. PONGALISATHYAPRABU CHEMISTRY Dr.LAKSHMINARAYANAMMOHAN Physicochemical investigations in self-assembled hydrogen bonded liquid crystals 2011 2014
15 Dr.B GOPALAKRISHNAN IT Dr. A. SHANMUGAM Certain Investigations on Performance analysis of group key management schemes for secure group communication in mobile adhoc networks 2007 2014
16 Dr.C POONGODI IT Dr. A. SHANMUGAM Certain Investigators on Design and performance analysis of advanced antenna with different array configuration 2009 2014
17 Dr. R VINOTHKANNA IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Fingerprint Recognition using Fuzzy logic and multimodal biometrics 2009 2014
18 Dr. G KOMARSAMY IT Dr. AMITABH WAHI Certain Investigations on Data Clustering using hybrid Algorithms for unlabeled data sets 2009 2014
19 Dr.R PRAVEENA CHEMISTY Dr SADASIVAM K Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on the Antioxidant Behavior of Polyphenolics from Plants of Western Ghats and its Dyeing Properties 2011 2014
20 Dr.B KALPANASAI SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.P.SURESHKUMAR Astudy on antecedents of E-Learning adoption of B-School students in Deemed universities of Tamiladu 2010 2014
21 Dr.S PRASSANA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.P.SURESHKUMAR A study on entrepreneurial succession planning among family business in Coimbatore District 2010 2014
22 Dr.B SUNDARESALINGAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK Astudy on customer Retention strategy in public sector banks with reference to Erode District. 2009 2014
23 Dr.A SASIREKHA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK Comparative study on overall performance of select public sector undertakings in Tamilnadu 2008 2014
24 Dr.M UMA SANKAR SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Dr.J.ASHOK Astudy on role of human resource practices on organisational ad employee performance in commercial banks of Tamilnadu 2009 2014
25 Dr.S PRABHADEVI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Secure Data Communication in Vehicular AD HOC Networks 2009 2014
26 Dr.M PUSHPAVALLI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Certain Investigations on quality of service in manets using admission control protocols 2009 2014
27 Dr.M KRISHNAMOORTHI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Certain Investigation on Clustering using Bio-Inspired Optimization and Partitional Clustering Algorithms 2009 2014
28 Dr.K SANGEETHA CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Mobile Agent based clustered routing with enchanced QoS for Mobile Ad-HoC Networks 2009 2014
29 Dr.R SUBASRI CSE Dr A.M.NATARAJAN Random Projection Neural Aided Active Controller for Seismically Excited Non-Linear Hysteretic Base Isolation Buildings 2009 2014
30 Dr.DHANABALAN S MECHANICAL Dr.SIVAKUMAR K Multi objective optimization of EDM Process parameters on machining of Superalloys with multiple quality Characteristics 2010 2014
31 Dr. TAMILSELVI BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K.P. KANNAN Pharmacognosy, phtochemistry pharmacology and in silico studies of authentic substitutes and market samples of Daruharidra 2009 2015
32 Dr.GOPINATHAN M J BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Experimental investigations on multi bay multi storey frames with precast members subjected to cyclic loading 2009 2015
33 Dr.VELAYUTHAM, M BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Influence of stiffness degradation and sequence of construction in seismic performance evaluation of lateral load resisting systems 2009 2015
34 Dr. V VIJAYKUMAR BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN Studies on synthesis and evaluation of polymer drug carrier and correlation polymer structure with drug release efficency 2009 2015
35 Dr. NEELAKANTAN SURESH BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. ARUNAVA DAS Molecular characterization of phosphatases from Aspergillus fumigatus 2009 2015
36 Dr. SREELAKSHMI BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K.P. KANNAN Microbial enzyme assisted processing of cotton fabrics-A sustainable approach 2011 2015
37 Dr. JHANSI LAKSHMI BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. K.P. KANNAN Fungal mediated biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles and their potential in anticancer drug delivery 2011 2015
38 Dr.NARESHKUMAR M BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr.R.RAVIKUMAR Development of Novel and Intensified Metabolic Biorefinery Technology using Wood Decaying Fungi for Sustainable Production of Ethanol and Value Added Products 2011 2015
39 Dr.J.VIVEKANANDAN CHEMISTRY Dr P S VIJAYANAND Studies on theco-polymerization of aniline and m-toludine monomers witb novel substituted aniline and their nanocmoposites 2010 2015
40 Dr.S.RAMAKRISHNAN CIVIL Dr.N.ARUNACHALAM Behaviour and Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams Partly Curved in Elevation 2009 2015
41 Dr.M.ARUN CIVIL Dr.N.ARUNACHALAM Behaviour and strength of Reinforced Concrete Hollow beams 2009 2015
42 Dr. PAARIVALLAL RA CSE Dr. B NAGARAJAN Certain Investigations on Building Object Locality Detection using Satellite Images 2008 2015
43 Dr. S LOGESWARI CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain Investigation on Ontology Based Indexing for Medical Document Clustering 2010 2015
44 Dr. C GUNAVATHI CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Heuristic Optimization for Feature Selection in Microarray Gene Expression Data for Cancer Classification 2010 2015
45 Dr. S KANNIMUTHU CSE Dr. K. PREMALATHA Certain investigations on Utility Mining Algorithms for Extracting High Utility Item Sets with Negative Item Values. 2007 2015
46 Dr.K.SAKTHI SUDHAN CSE Dr P THANGARAJ Certain Investigations On Wearable Microstrii' Patch Antenna Designs For Enhanced Performance Of Breast Cancer Diagnosis System 2011 2015
47 Dr.T VIJAYAKUMAR ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Performance Analysis of Non Linear Models, PSO and Neural Networks for Classification of Epilepsy risk Levels from Wavelet Based Extracted Features of EEG Signals 2010 2015
48 Dr.B VINOTH KUMAR ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Investigation on Segmentation Techniques, LPG-PCA Based De noising and De blurring Methods and Performance Analysis of Classifiers for Classification of Abnormal Regions in Medical Images 2012 2015
49 Dr.S N SHIVAPPRIYA ECE Dr.R.HARIKUMAR Certain Investigation on Performance Analysis of Statistical and Evolutionary Feature Selection with Neural Network for Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia, From Wavelet Based Extracted Features of ECG Signals 2011 2015
50 Dr.M KALAMANI ECE Dr.R.S.VALARMATHI Spectral Subtraction With Noise Estimation For Speech Enhancementand Hybrid Models For Continuous Tamil Speech Recognition 2011 2015