VLSI & Embedded System

S No Faculty Name Area of specialization Journal Name Title of the Paper Published Year Link
1 Arulmurugan L VLSI & Embedded System Ain Shams Engineering Journal A Fuzzy Based Hybrid Multi Criteria Decision Making Methodology For Phase Change Material Selection In Electronics Cooling Systemc 2018 Web Link
2 Hariprasad V VLSI & Embedded Systeme Journal Of Ovonic Research Enhancement Of Heat Transfer Using Phase Change Material With Water Mixture 2017 Web Link
3 Poornimasre J VLSI & Embedded System International Journal Of Engineering And Advanced Technology (IJEAT) A Comparative Study On Genetic Algorithm And Ant Colony Algorithm For Testing S27 Benchmark Cyclic Sequential Circuits 2018 Web Link
4 Poornimasre J VLSI & Embedded System IEEE , Digital Library Non-Intrusive Bit Swapping Pattern Generator For BIST Testing Of LUTs 2014 Web Link