Sustainable – Fashion Accessories

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Sustainable – Fashion Accessories

Sustainability is the process provides / creates the customer needs in future without affecting the environment as much as possible.  In the current scenario the environment is undergoing so many pollution that causing so many health hazards. To overcome this problem, the Govt of India and NGO are taking lot of initiatives to overcome the same. So, the Sustainable projects are working well in the educational institutions.


The Fashion needs change always. The Accessories is the best part of the fashion which will give best company to the costumes. The Fashion costumes always will look great with suitable accessories. Now days the fashion accessories are made up using different waste materials like wood, clay, paper, Fabrics and etc…  This above idea will help the society to enrich the environment better than the artificial / chemical related accessory making process.


In this article the new idea has been introduced to the above fact. The coconut shells can be recycled and reused with help of some techniques applied on them to make fashion accessories as well as Home decorating items. This won’t affect the environment as well as we can introduce N number of fashion accessories like bangles, Jewelries, Key chains, Decorative latent and etc…


The procedure commences by selecting an appropriately sized coconut for the intended product. The coconut shell is carefully extracted from the fibrous husk, halved, and the fruit or kernel is extracted with precision using a coconut hand scrapper. After ensuring the cleanliness of the coconut shells, sandpaper or coarse paper is employed to even out the surface and remove any remaining fibers.


The interior layer of the shell is smoothed using sandpaper to achieve a soft surface on both sides. Subsequently, the craftsman outlines the jewelry design on a piece of paper for carving. The identical design is then traced onto the coconut shell using a marker. Using a hacksaw, the shell is cut along the marked lines. After the shape is cut out, the edges are meticulously refined and smoothed either by filing or sanding with sandpaper. This iterative process is repeated until the desired level of finish is achieved.


Following this, the item undergoes polishing with beeswax. Alternatively, for a glossy appearance, it receives a layer of synthetic varnish. In cases where a dark finish is desired, the surface is painted before the application of the varnish coat. If the object is intended for holding foodstuff, no varnish or beeswax is applied to the interior. Subsequently, the article is left to dry in the sun. Once fully dried, a small hole is created by drilling with a drilling machine. Small hooks are then affixed to the article through the drilled hole, allowing it to be worn as earrings.


A range of materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and recycled materials, can be used to create sustainable footwear and accessories. Bags can be made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles, while hats and scarves can be made from organic cotton.


Sustainable materials slow down rapid fashion more quickly than traditional ones. Examples of such materials include organic cotton, BCI cotton, recycled polyester, and natural dyes derived from plants or animals.

The term “sustainable fashion” refers to a broad range of goods, procedures, actions, and stakeholders, including customers, businesses, and legislators, who are working toward the goal of creating a carbon-neutral fashion industry founded on ecological integrity, social justice, equality, and animal care.


The process of creating low-cost apparel quickly in response to current trends in fashion is known as fast fashion. In the era of rapid fashion, consumers are contributing to a throwaway culture by turning shopping into a kind of pleasure. This is known as the throwaway culture. This implies that rather than recycling or donating items when they are determined to be useless, consumers just throw them away. Because of this, the ecosystem is greatly burdened by these throwaway things.


The idea of sustainability in fashion is highlighted as a solution to the rapid fashion and throwaway culture problems. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing, accessories, and footwear that are manufactured, used, and distributed in a way that minimizes negative effects on the environment and socioeconomic conditions. So, In Future the sustainability will rule the world.





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