Multi Input High Power DC-DC Converter for Industrial applications

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Multi Input High Power DC-DC Converter for Industrial Applications

In many applications, greater switching frequencies result in smaller filters with lower inductance and capacitance values. The improvement potential is enormous, especially for applications using 16.7 Hz, 50 Hz, or 60 Hz transformers, because transformer size and weight are heavily influenced by their fundamental operating frequency. This explains why engineers choose to convert AC voltages indirectly using high-power DC/DC converters that provide galvanic isolation via a medium-frequency transformer. Such solid-state transformers are being considered for grid and railway applications.


High-power DC/DC converters are also used in various applications, including charging stations for electric vehicles, battery energy storage systems, solar, DC energy distribution systems, and traction systems.


DC/DC converters typically use high-frequency transformers for galvanic insulation. The fundamental frequency of transformer voltage and current is frequently the same or comparable to the switching frequency of the power semiconductors employed. Higher switching frequencies of power semiconductors may allow transformer shrinking because fewer magnetic materials are required. Furthermore, as the frequency increases, the magnetic material for the transformer core can be replaced with a more efficient or cost-effective alternative.


SiC power modules are the preferred solution for maximizing switching frequency for high-power DC/DC converters without sacrificing converter efficiency. They have lower switching losses than traditional IGBT technology.



The TEQ 300WIR Series is a collection of isolated high-performance DC/DC converter modules with an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range housed in a durable, sealed metal housing.

These converters are suited for a wide range of applications, but the product is especially developed for industrial applications where PCB mounting is often not allowed and the module must be placed on a chassis. The high efficiency and total heatsink structure allow for an operating temperature of up to +55°C with natural convection cooling without power derating and up to +80°C with power derating. Additional features include output voltage reduction, remote on/off, and undervoltage lockout. These converters are also an appealing option for battery-powered systems due to their extremely wide input voltage range.


The key features and specifications are explained as follows,

  1. Isolated High-Performance DC/DC Converter Modules: The TEQ 300WIR Series includes modules that perform isolated DC/DC conversion.
  2. Ultra-Wide 4:1 Input Voltage Ranges: These converters feature an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range, making them flexible and suitable for a variety of applications.
  3. Rugged, Sealed Metal Case: The converters are enclosed in a strong, sealed metal exterior that ensures durability and protection.
  4. Suitability for Industrial Applications: The product is designed for industrial applications, especially where PCB mounting is not possible and the module has to be mounted to a chassis.
  5. High Efficiency and Heatsink Construction: The converters are very effective, and their entire heatsink construction allows for an operating temperature of up to +55°C with natural convection cooling and no power derating. The temperature can increase to +80°C with power derating.
  6. Output Voltage Trimming: The converters include output voltage trimming, allowing you to modify the output voltage as needed.
  7. Remote On/Off: The operation of the converter can be controlled using a remote, which makes the process easy and compatible for use.
  8. Under Voltage Lockout: The under-voltage lockout is a special feature that protects the converter from low-voltage ride-through and its causes.
  9. Battery Operated Systems: These converters have been suitable for battery-powered systems owing to their ultra-wide voltage input range, providing a versatile solution.


Parallel operation of two DC/DC converters

One of the prominent features of this multi-input DC/DC converter is the connection of two or more TEQs in parallel for load sharing. The TEQ 300WIR’s load-share mode allows for parallel connections of up to three units, increasing the maximum total output power. To balance the various output currents of each TEQ 300WIR module, connect each LS (load-share) pin.


It is critical to link all +Sense and -Sense wires as closely as possible to the load. The impedance of the +Vout and -Vout lines should match the wires. These output wires may influence the balance of the individual output currents. It’s worth noting that the information you provided highlights the key features and capabilities of the TEQ 300WIR Series, making it clear that these modules are designed to meet the demands of industrial applications, including those where PCB mounting is not feasible. The high efficiency and wide temperature range enhance their suitability for various scenarios, including battery-operated systems.



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